About Us

An epicenter of innovation, continuing creating a ripple effect of passion for technology, strong desire for success, and result-oriented mindset, helps you grow.

Osaka Innovation Hub delivers Japanese ideas for technology, creating a competitive advantage and information about exciting, emotional, or unexpected series of events made by those involved in a variety of activities in full swing to commercialize new products and services.

The development and commercialization of technologies based on a business cluster, which has been spawned by a lot of small- and medium-sized companies that manufacture a variety of products, may proceed to the destination in Osaka Innovation Hub, which concentrates its efforts on fostering technology innovation as a competitive advantage.


Supporting Venture Creation and Commercialization
The super producer has a proven track record of success in conducting technology commercialization both domestically and internationally to speed the process of venture creation and commercialization.

Conducting Partner Search and Teaming
To start off with a series of activities for business creation, Osaka Innovation Hub helps get in touch with not only those who own unique and competitive technology but entrepreneurs and technology-focused companies who strive to make use of it for profit.

Supporting Processes for Innovation
Umekita’s central location in Osaka Prefecture, its ease of access by car and public transportation, and its highly skilled labor force have attracted an increasingly varied residential and commercial mix. Osaka Innovation Hub makes an effort to support the entire commercialization process with services, ranging from in-depth technology seeds research to more deliberate business planning.

Building Worldwide Network for Human and Funding Resources
To deploy business globally, not only does Osaka Innovation Hub concentrate its efforts on building worldwide human capital network through such events as international conventions, it also introduces a variety of its fundamental activities and delivers information about technology, owned by the Osaka-based companies.

An Incubator for Tomorrow’s Leaders Who Make a Difference Globally
Through onsite learning programs to be prepared in Osaka Innovation Hub, entrepreneurs have opportunities to participate in a remarkable range of activities that are related to the latest business topics and state-of-the-art technologies. Accordingly, they can reduce the level of stereotype threat, foster and exercise entrepreneurship, and take part in an international competition.

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