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Get in The Ring Osaka 2016 Report

Get in The Ring Osaka 2016

A gathering entrepreneurs taking on a global challenge

The Dutch startup pitch event, Get in the Ring Osaka 2016, was held at OIH in Dec. 2016. All the programs were carried out in an international manner, with judges invited from the Netherlands, and with all pitches and MCing in English.
Currently, Get in the Ring is held in 100 countries around the world. Unlike a pitch by a single speaker, two speakers in a boxing-style ring battle each other, making their project presentations, and guided by a MC disguised as a referee. A feature of this pitch event is that people can easily convey value following themes set for each round. In addition, because entries are registered in a database at the Dutch Office, it helps expand the possibility for business matching overseas.

Advantages of participation in global pitch events

OIH holds pitch events that directly connect with the world, in order to support startups that wish to expand their businesses overseas. Participation in global pitch events brings startups advantages, in terms of shifting their eyes to foreign markets or increasing opportunities to attract customers and conduct businesses overseas, even with businesses that have difficulty scaling up in Japan. Also, it can be a good opportunity to become aware of what’s missing in their businesses and to establish channels to make up for the missing things, through interacting with foreign entrepreneurs and investors.

Introduction of participating companies

The six companies that were short-listed fought pitch battle on the ring. They are companies in the hot fields of IT, ranging from healthcare to travel-tech.

Nextremer: Research and development of services using AI technology, through a variety of approaches based on dialogue between people and AI.

ATR creative: Planning, development and operation of IT-related services and products including chizuburari (map-based wandering).

Samepage: Web development, operation of portal sits, outsourcing contract. Offshore developmental group of Samepage Inc.

Splyza: App development business using video afterimage technologies to help amateur athletes maximize their skills

Gochiso: Development of a social dining platform through diving or events at restaurants that can contribute to NPOs’ fundraising.

triple W: Planning, development and sales business of “DFree”, a solution for people who have worries or difficulties regarding waste excretion.

A heated pitch battle at OIH!

Many pitches were highly entertaining, using music and MCs, etc. effectively, greatly changing the atmosphere at OIH. As participants had to make short presentations in front of their rivals with no slides, they expressed their deep passion in their own words instead of using monotonous voices. Though a one-on-one pitch battle may sound like fighting to determine winning or losing, in fact, it is essential for entrepreneurs to respect and sympathize with one another’s businesses and deepen exchange to develop themselves mutually by participating in pitch events. We recognized this essential truth clearly through this event. Please look forward to future events that can heat up your energy through interaction between entrepreneurs!

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Writer: Yuko Minematsu and Asako Inoue
(March 10, 2017)