The key is the feeling “how I could stop such an enjoyable thing?”

Yasushi Adachi | Officer ENGINES Inc.
We are engaged in the planning, development and operation of game software. Our expertise is to create own perspective on the world and apply it to products and services. Also, we are proceeding with dietary education content, “BEGESTA,”  in collaboration with local areas/food professionals for creators.


No method satisfying characters and stories has not been established if we define that innovation is to generate something new. We, working in the entertainment field, have been making various efforts to search for innovations. However, we are not able to find any measure to create them so far. We tend to adopt intellectual properties such as characters with low risk so that we stabilize our business, and we will keep the line for the time being. It bothers us that there is a conflict between stabilizing business and challenge for innovation. While the global market is changing from moment to moment, creating new successful content is essential for us and it is not easy. Even big companies are facing a hard time. It is quite difficult for such a small team with only 30 people and a capital shortfall to create innovation in a world market led by Hollywood style financing, large scale development and an extensive market, which makes us dizzy.

We, Engines, are taking on the challenges of three concepts, “promotion of local culture,” “cross-industrial alliance,” and “social business,” looking for new possibilities. We Japanese are having an excellent imagination that originated in local culture since the year of Kojiki (Records of Ancient Matters, Japan’s oldest historical record). Therefore, we are trying to make entertainment contents while being mindful of “promotion of local culture” based on its local culture. There are plenty of successful cases related to the second concept, “cross-industrial alliances.” For instance, one of them is a free gift given when buying sweets. Until then, only enthusiasts were interested in precise models/figures, but those models such as an animal model were given out as a free gift attached to a package of chocolates. Such collaboration on appealing content and liquidity content (cross-industry) created innovation in the contents and food service business, which encourages both of us, content creators and the confectionery industry. Courage is very important for adults, isn’t it?  Lastly, the third concept is “social business.” In the high growth era, we have been developing the industry and market with a motto: “The content must be a success, and the sales target must be accomplished also.” However, in today’s fast-changing environment surrounding our industry, we cannot fight against head winds with such a selfish mind: “Prioritizing only us with no collaboration with others.” When our business activities contribute to the world in some degree and make a profit accordingly, in other words, when we act with social business and business profit, we can not stop doing the business, because of a feeling of social justice. When I was around twenty, I did not have such a feeling. Maybe I got old.

img_02We would like to introduce some of our business activities along with those concepts. One of them is a project with a big corporation in an Asian developing country. The country was just entering into a growth stage, and the country was about to promote the content industry. One food manufacturer was looking for a Japanese creator for its new business. The company owner told us, “Children in our country have dreams about the future, and we need science-fiction stories.” We were moved by his words very much, and we accepted their offer at once without asking about the business conditions. Because there is no need for Utopia type stories in developed countries, we have never had a chance to create it. I have been thinking, “Children do not have dreams, because adults do not have an amused look.” Therefore, we rolled up our sleeves and set to work, if the children enjoy the future utopia stories. As a matter of fact, we faced various difficulties such as making a contract, communicating. However, we can get over them when we think their bright future and their smiles.

Beside this project, we are engaged in “BEGESTA” which provides dietary education with modified contents based on the local foods and food culture to children. In the one and a half years since we started, the project is becoming a content platform that connects local areas all over Japan. Through the BEGESTA project, it is actualizing various matching and accumulation of information. Maybe, I am disqualified from being a management executive or a producer, but I am proceeding with those two projects without thinking about the business model. Needless to say, we implement the existing business model in our ordinary business process. We have to step off the track consciously; otherwise we produce only existing models within the range of our own common sense  and surroundings. While selecting uncommon sense with a fighting spirit, we are waiting for the rise of innovations. Our team’s firm belief is such as a passion “We do our best for children!” under the changing circumstances. We are promoting the project, combining perspective of the world belonging to each local area (Japan and foreign countries) to our passion continuously.

We are now getting on track, and even now our feeling “how I could stop such an enjoyable thing?” is still strong. We, management executives, tend to accompany our passion with the business, and we would like much more people to pour out their passion from our hearts. Of course, stabilizing business is also important so that we maintain employment. Based on the skills originated from the business front line, companies should bring much profit and create projects for the purpose of social justice and business. I’m looking forward to see the days when we are able to cooperate together for the business contributing to the world. I believe that time will come in the future.