I would like to deepen business integration rather than expansion

Yuichi Oishi
President|feedtailor Inc.

To the question why Yuichi Oishi left his job to start his own company, he replied quietly after a pause, “There was no other way than to do this since I was a useless salaried worker”.

A top graduate from his high school and university majored in applied mathematics and physics, who started working as an IT engineer at a system company faced the reality of developers being exploited. Since then, he changed his jobs for six times to find his ideal working environment for engineers, “But there was no company with working conditions as I expected.” Eventually he was pushed almost to the limit emotionally, he stopped seeking jobs. Bringing an end to a company-dependent life, he took a risk by establishing his own enterprise in pursuit of providing the best environment for engineers.

In July 2006, feedtailor Inc. was established as a web system development company where Oishi made a fresh start in the different field from his previous job experience. Although he was convinced of the potential of web system, “RSS technology was not profitable for business after all”.

The turning point came when iPhone appeared on the scene in 2008, Oishi gave up on RSS and decided to specialize solely in iOS app development. That “bold” business strategy worked, feedtailor Inc. became recognized as “the best iOS app developer in Osaka”. The company started to receive requests for contract development.

Moreover, in view of expected increase of iPad for business use, the company developed “SYNCNEL”, the cloud-based iPad/iPhone file-sharing system designed for enterprises. The product was introduced to more than a hundred and several tens of enterprises including listed companies, which helped create a revenue model for feedtailor Inc. to generate profit by their own products not just relying on entrusted work as in usual business model. About the reason why his business took off, “One thing I can say is that we kept developing ideas and never gave up on our work.” says Oishi.His attitude fitted with the times, the business evolved with the appearance of iPhone and iPad.

“Things you really want to create cannot be created by anyone but you.” While Oishi concentrates on in-house system developments, he devotes himself to provide the best working environment for which he initially decided to start his own company, now employing increased number of engineers. “I would like to deepen business integration rather than expansion”. He is determined to foster the best working environment for engineers to enhance their development system by the selected highly-skilled people.  (June 10th, 2013)