Enjoy learning on the internet

ShareWis Inc.

It is always exciting just to look at the map when you are visiting new places.

ShareWis Inc. (located in Tsurumi-Ku, Osaka City) offers free internet service “ShareWis” based on the concept of “Turn learning into adventure” which visualizes learning process and curriculums using what you call ”map”. The feature of this service is that users can learn exactly as if they are on exciting travel.

Tomoki Tsujikawa, CEO/Co-founder of ShareWis Inc. who was aspiring to start his own business since he was a student, always thought “it could be possible to make the society work if we can share all the little knowledge we have much better”, while he was working at one of the major foreign companies with what he had learnt before.

Soon Tsujikawa began to develop his business model, and in 2011, he moved into entrepreneurship assistance space called “Risshian (立志庵)” prepared at Osaka Sangyo Sozokan. Founding his company in next February, he won special prize in ICT Venture Business Plan Contest in March, and in November he attracted attention by receiving an award in Visual Navigation category of Japan e-Learning Awards given to innovative business model related to e-Learning, since then he has been expanding services steadily.

The point of the website is its design called “map of knowledge”. Each curriculum is an island sectorally studded on the map so that users can recognize the state at a glance during their learning process to finish curriculums in sequence like playing games.

About one month after releasing apps for smartphone and tablet in December 2012, the number of users increased to more than double instantly, so the service is receiving positive feedback. They are currently working on system selling for corporate customers such as cram schools and companies, and English version development of the site is also planned.

Tsujikawa keeps the balance in mind between “learning” and “playing” to develop services for more continued use. “Learn while having fun and learn more new things shown by the map of knowledge. By giving those opportunities on our site, I would like to make this site a place of encounter with new knowledge for users”. He talked with his eyes shining like a boy enjoying his adventures.
(January 14th, 2013)