Compete globally from Osaka

Compete globally from Osaka

Motohiro Yonesaka  |  Co-Founder Engineer,  Moff

Motohiro Yonesaka moved into Global Venture Habitat Osaka in 2011, and he was developing Web services there. Since then he has been interested in “Internet of Things” and development of device which works together with smartphone. As he was also looking for opportunity to make some breakthrough from Osaka and people to work with, he signed up for Mono-App-Hackathon held at Osaka Innovation Hub in January 2013.

frogYonesaka teamed up with participants in the Hackathon event and produced “A communication device to prevent quarrels with your partner using sensory interface” under the theme given by the office. That was the moment Moff was born. He established Moff with the team members he had worked together at the event. Currently he is working on presenting the “childlike way of playing” – more imaginative and bodywide way of playing. To do so, based on the idea of Playware which gives the new experience of playing in the actual space by combining software and hardware, he is developing the product to connect apps fun with soft interface like soft toy to have more fun playing with toys.

Since Mono-App-Hackathon, according to Yonesaka, he could connect with people interested in making things and community to teach knowledge for making things, which enabled him to put his new knowledge in the different field in practice at the same time. He also said that he has good connection not only in Osaka but also in Tokyo as his team had a member from the region.
In March 2013, Akinori Takahagi, one of the Hackathon participants and a member of Moff, joined Silicon Valley tour sponsored by city of Osaka.
He seems quite encouraged by the fact that he was on the same stage with the already leading startups to represent Japan and promoted “Mono-App” of Moff, receiving positive feedback.

For Yonesaka, Osaka Innovation Hub is a place which brought an encounter with his wonderful team members. ‘I want to keep on working with the people who gathers at Osaka Innovation Hub to compete globally and learn from one another, and keep on moving, acting, making things and communicating to “be the nail”’, Yonesaka said enthusiastically.