Surprise, excitement and innovation created by world’s first cloud type CAD system

Surprise, excitement and innovation created by world’s first cloud type CAD system

Yasuhisa Morimoto | Quadcept Inc.
Based on the four (“Quad”) concepts (“Concept”) such as “Cloud network”, “Low cost”, ”Keep evolving by actual users voice” and “Innovation”, they develop and provide innovative CAD products, against the oligopoly situation of expensive CAD products. Has more than 5,000 product introduction. Won the Good Design Award 2013. Released English version in October 2013 for global business operation.

Through activities with OIH(Osaka Innovation Hub), we want to fly up into the world.
As we want to cherish the thought “human empathy” in business the same as in our own lives in Osaka, we are really grateful to have various encounters at OIH.
The place we can depart, start from and return to take some rest any time.
It would be great if we could make OIH that kind of place.All together.

Decided to develop new products for exhausted users


EDA (Electronic Design Automation) tools of foreign and major domestic companies are becoming oligopolistic, and non-user-friendly products cost from 2 to 10 million per license. Manufacturers never gives any answers to the feedbacks based on users’ voice hoping for improvements. We felt we had to do something so we started developing CAD product together with Toru Nakata, our president, and Higashimine, the leader of development team, in response to the opinions of users at manufacturers and small and middle sized platform designing companies who are getting worn out because of high license fee. That was eight years ago, in 2005.

The EDA makes users happy

Our starting point is the four concepts “Cloud ”, “Low cost”, ”Keep evolving by actual users’ voice” and “Innovation”, based on this, we are making developments and providing services. These four (“Quad”) concepts (“Concept”) is the origin of our product and company name. For providing innovative EDA products, designers at the scene of manufacturing come first, and we focus the best on creating happy to use software to make designers happy. That’s the most important thing.

Energized by great expectations and supports

The difficulty is to provide “the products with high quality functions and at a low price”. That is the most important thing. How is it possible for a venture company like us to develop high-level EDA software while other companies have development teams with hundreds of members and several billion expense per year? Excellent personnel are always seeking to work in Tokyo and web industry. The fine words like “the few and the proud” meant almost nothing as we went through difficulties one after another. Without great expectations and support by designers as our customer, we might have been burnt out much sooner. Difficulty? We still have ones, of course!

To create de facto standard product

We are going to develop global business actively with our English version products, so we can make Quadcept into a comprehensive system to cover all EDA developing process, not just an EDA. Our company’s purpose is to become famous for our designers to say, one day, proudly to their children, “Daddy designs a Circuit by means of ‘Quadcept’.” and ultimately make our products de facto standard.

(September 2013)