Ultimate technology for “todomeru” – New technology using existing technology –

Tsuneo Katsuyama
Representative, Yama DesignStudio

Seeking to create completely new innovative technology, he focuses on “technology” and improve it for extensive use in different fields and new industries. “Quick Put”, a product created by pursuing “todomeru (a Japanese verb)” technology to the limit, is drawing attention as breakthrough material for having high elasticity, water resistance, and wear resistance to be used as paste for anything but water, air and silicon.

I would like to have connections with OIH as “comrade” trying to liven up Osaka and originating from Osaka. I expect OIH to be the place we can have information on starting business abroad.

Now is the time to give Japanese domestic technologies revolutionary places for activity! ”Function” currently in use may be useful for entirely different purpose in other situations. Efficacy of certain ”technology” is common in certain industries but that could be ground-breaking in other industries, yet little known but the technology will compete in the world. Reevaluating that excellent “technology” and designing reform of that, as well as creating new “standard” for enriching values of people – that is what I think when I design new technology.

There is a technology for “todomeru (a Japanese verb “to stick, snap, fasten, clip, sew, button up, nail, screw, etc.”)”, for example. There are many products using that technology such as screws, nails, hot melt, sewing, glue, buttons. Integrating all those merits and pursuing the technology for “todomeru” to the limit, “Quick Put” was born. This product has wider range of possibilities in its “use”, things or materials thought to be impossible to be used with, by achieving high washing resistance. I will improve and develop this technology to replace with conventional sewing technology, and aim to offer technological assistance for space development business, the center of the world’s greatest technologies, and make proposals of development of more mobile space suit and repair sheet for satellites to NASA and JAXA.

Of course I sometimes run into a wall, but in such times I force myself to forget existing notions, in other words, they are the procedures, rules and know-hows to make products, which is for making the existing products. I think it is important to restructure the notion in a completely different approach bearing in mind that I should observe the precious rules made through the past phase of existing technologies in early days of trying and failing, to create unprecedented innovative products. Sometimes I have to discuss passionately with difficult craftsmen of small factory, sharing the joy and exchanging ideas.

I want to export technical “resource” out to the world from Japan, a country with lesser resource. I myself have been meeting interesting people and finding interesting companies in this city with charming buildings such as Grand Front Osaka and Abeno Harukas together with increasing establishments and spaces for supporting new businesses. I will create and export new products by improving Japanese original technologies, from rising Osaka.

(December 2013)