Further pursuit of design and branding to the world!

Hirotsugu Hamada, Representative/Designer/Art Director

Hirotsugu Hamada has about 18 year experience in product design at sports manufacturer. He is always pursuing fusion of functionality and design for products, and its attractive branding. He is currently active as designer and art director with developed designing skills and his own experience. He provides design and branding in various fields which expresses company’s strength and product characteristics. He sends the message of fun in Japanese making “things” to the world.
“Sympathy robot” created by his team for the “second Mono App Hackathon” at Osaka Innovation Hub received both “championship” and “audience award”. In another event “CoCreation Jam with COCOROBO”, his team created “TSUNDERE ROBO”, and won another “championship” and “audience award”.
He sends the message of fun in Japanese making “things” to the world.

For a start, OIH will be one of the bases for the creative activities and information release of RIDE DESIGN. We will be the contact point of design and branding for the people involved in “OIH” to provide more attractive products and services.
By networking with creators, engineers, planners and innovators in the various fields, we will transfer the information on making things and its fun originated in Japan to the world.

Inquiring mind by passion

The start of design and branding goes back to the days of motorcycle racing competition before becoming a designer. In pursuit of speed, design and safety were extremely important in making machines, racing wear and small parts, which is the origin of “RIDE DESIGN”.

Seeking high level fusion

Promote design and branding with high level fusion of “functionality and beauty” and “enjoyment”. “RIDE DESIGN” provides total design such as CI, graphic, websites, images, exhibition, and promotion, focusing on product design and branding. We are working on various tasks and demands by means of “design development techniques”.

Closer than close

In many cases, design and branding is thought to be unreachable. We will promote the idea of design and branding by providing seminars and training. We will increase the number of successful cases through close connection with customers from the early stage of product planning and development, to spread the idea of design and branding. Find your hidden value, add new ideas, values and design to succeed in the world!

New developments

Project “EV 2WD BIKE (electric motorcycle) ” will be started soon. “In-wheel motor” equipped inside front wheel and back wheel enables more direct and stable driving. In addition, development of new type electric motorcycle for trackless roads as in disaster site is planned.

・Robot development
I want to develop useful robots for medical purpose and at nursing home just like “Sympathy robot” which won championship at “the second Mono App Hackathon”. “Sympathy robot” gives human body sensation via robot. For example, a sensor worn on the back of an elderly person living alone can tell the symptoms via server to the family living far away or hospitals.
This is a new robot which can sympathize with people’s action and have some feelings to connect people one another.
We created and suggested “TSUNDERE ROBO” at “CoCreation Jam with COCOROBO”, our unprecedented idea of new and enjoyable relationship with robot won the championship.

・Original brand product development
Makes carrier bags with “functionality, beauty and enjoyment” for bottle of champagne and pets, which is now globally on sale.

・Global information dissemination and development
Suggest attractive Japanese products and branding at our angle, by “RIDE DESIGN”.
Promote development and dissemination “Art of Design and Manufacturing of Japan” & “Crafting Beauty and Modern Japan” to the World.

(December 2013)