Connect Stylists with Manufacturing!

Hiromi Nakajima, Representative, Solairo Corporation
Solairo Corporation deals with planning, development and operation regarding internet business and the company also started web-based press service called “Stylee” from October 2013 which provides matching service between “products you want to spread to the world” and “stylists, editors, and writers”. Currently, Solairo has connections with an editor of a magazine about 400 copies, 200 stylists, and 30 writers, and is developing new platform featuring low price and information transmission to the media.

OIH in Osaka, the city of merchants, is giving great stimulations to challengers trying to make it in new business and to connections with various enterprises, which I appreciate very much. I hope OIH will lead it to venture ecosystem by large enterprises and municipalities, as well as being a place for exchanging people and information. I will make my company to be regarded as one of the attractions of OIH and even Osaka city one day.

Spread & Connect is the Motive

As an NTT West employee, I used to visit various trade fairs all over Japan where I learned that there are many companies making sincere efforts to produce good products. However, most of the brands remained unknown because they were not acknowledged by the media, and neither of the information or their products were brought to anywhere. On the other hand, the media, such as stylists and magazine editorial office, are having hard time finding good products to spread information about, putting in a lot of work and time. “Stylee” was originated in somewhat simple cause of “letting the world know the existence of great products”, by eliminating those mismatching. After serious consideration, I decided to start the business myself, believing in the chances and social significance I saw in this business model.

Bridge Leading People to New Encounters

Tokyo is the main place for media activities, therefore the contents of the magazines issued there are limited to major companies with shops or the manufacturers located in the area, even though far greater number of manufacturers exist in rural areas. How many manufacturers were lost who could not hang on until they finally reach Tokyo in spite of their wonderful products, only because they do not have access to the media? We value “local industry manufacturing” in that respect, and Stylee’s mission is to work together to launch new brands with local originality and brand policy. Good concentration for manufacturers with beautiful philosophy to create great products without concern for sales or advertisement, and for advertising people, chances to find good products with their excellent judgment and to spread the information without concern for searching things. With those in mind, we adopt “Creating environment for professionals’ real work” as our company belief.

Encounter is Opportunity

Changing job from telecommunications industry to apparel business brought me days of confusion and cluelessness.
I was convinced that “there should be something worthwhile but not distributed yet”, but until we create the current style of “Stylee”, it was not good enough as a web service either, which used to make me feel incapable and frustrated. About that time, I met an entrepreneur who support SMEs and deals with web development at a networking event, and we got along smoothly with each other and refined our business model together as it is now. The number of press room rentals started to grow gradually, and we are now receiving appreciative words and requests from brands on a daily basis. We successfully disseminated information about values of brands and “Stylee” by featured interview article in the official guidebook of “IFF”, a joint trade fair hosted by SENKEN SHIMBUN and held from January 22nd this year. I firmly believe we could have this achievement especially owing to teamwork among professionals from leasing industries, advertising industries, and web developing service.

“Taking Japan Brand to Asia”

Our next challenge is to maximize the profit of brands that are successful within their own local area, newcomers, and the ones not yet dealing with promotion and market cultivation because of budget and know-how. In addition, it is urgent to disseminate information globally as Japan brand, especially in Asian countries where Japan brands has great appeal, not only expanding domestic distribution. In Asia, there are not enough manufacturers, media, and creators, in terms of both quality and quantity. I think developing product media is also a task of Japan as a leader.
Any of these tasks are important, and I am determined to make it all happen to show the spirit of our company name “Solairo (the color of sky)”, sharing connections and supporting “expansion of people and business without boundaries, just like only one sky”.

(March 2014)