Just posted the event report, “MAKERS Evolution” !

We’ve just posted the event report, “Mr. Osamu Ogasawara of ABBA LAB, visited OIH first time!
Makers’ Evolution, Part ‖” on our Website! The event was about manufacturing.

Japan used to be proud of its high degree of international competitiveness in manufacturing field.
Especially in Osaka, various kinds of manufacturing flourished, as we can see in the expression “manufacturing everything from a toothbrush to a rocket”, and the sophisticated technologies draw attention from the world.

However, as the social system and industrial concepts have changed recently, Japanese manufacturing industry has been in great difficulties in a global context.

What and how should start-ups and companies in manufacturing do to overcome this situation?

In this event, Mr. Ogasahara, savvy about start-ups related to hardware in Japan, gave a lecture on steps to take moving forward.

Please check the report from below!