OIH Topics in September

Wednesday, September 7, 2016
Today’s event is “The 14th Innovation Exchange― Kadokawa Ascii Research Laboratories”.
The company revealed their resources at a presentation meeting as follows:
An analysis system called “realtime trend analytics” that can extract entertainment-related tweets from big data in Twitter and a service called “Tsuiran” operated based on the system.
A few years ago, an important point was how to use social media. Today, however, it is how to use what is obtained from the social media.

Saturday, September 10, 2016
Osaka City Programming Camp 2016, an event for junior high school students, is being held today and tomorrow.
The theme of the event is development of game applications. Students who have been playing games are now trying to create them. This is a dramatic change for junior high school students.
We are looking forward to seeing what kind of games will be produced. Moreover, we hope they will succeed in the field when they grow up.

Monday, September 19, 2016
At the OIH College: Entrepreneurs seminar, started in August, business models have been brushed up over 30 hours in total at five programs including a camp.
In the final program held today, the main feature is business presentations by participants. Some people are already trying to move forward toward making an IPO in a few years, some are aiming to win an award at a business contest, and others intend to develop their businesses overseas.
They are all trying to create a new market.
We know it is very tough to produce something from nothing and if this opportunity can trigger an initiation of innovation, we cannot be happier.

Friday, September 23, 2016
Following an early morning pitch event, the final program of OIH College is being held in the afternoon.
College students who joined it to learn entrepreneurship in the summer holidays have been brushing up their projects, presenting their ideas, teaming up with their peers, and studying whether services using their ideas are really going to sell.
We’ve found actual entrepreneurship in them, seeing them revising their materials over and over and practicing presentations again and again until the last minute before the presentation. This is the final presentation by young entrepreneurs who will lead Japan’s future.

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Today we are holding an elimination round in Japan of the 2016 Shenzhen “Entrepreneurship Star” Contest.
“Entrepreneurship Star” is an international pitch contest hosted by Shenzhen City and Nanshan District in China. More than 20 teams, including student and corporate teams, are participating in the elimination round in Japan. It has two parts from morning to evening with six judges.
The presentations are in a variety of fields ranging from medicine to creating communities, with many technology-based services. After the elimination round, 25% of them will proceed to a semi-final held in November at OIH, and then proceed to the final held in December in Shenzhen.