OIH Topics in October-1

Tuesday, October 4, 2016
As manufacturing has been digitalizing, the conventional industrial structure has been changing in the manufacturing field as well.

Under the circumstances, we are happy to welcome Mr. Ogasahara (ABBA Labo), who has been leading Japan’s new manufacturing field, to OIH for a seminar and talk session about “new business models for entrepreneurs in the manufacturing field.”

Though venture companies and engineers usually gather at OIH, many small and mid-size manufacturing companies are participating in today’s event. We are having a debate from the perspectives of both “new manufactures” and “conventional small and mid-size manufacturers.”

Wednesday, October 5, 2016
[Four up-and-coming entrepreneurs talk at OIH about their passions and challenging spirits for starting businesses!]

We are holding a talk event featuring four speakers who are the finalists in Kansai for “EY Entrepreneur of the Year”, which is an award program for entrepreneurs aiming to expand their businesses to the world!

Comments made by people who have succeeded in businesses by realizing unique business plans like “an only one business model” often help you plan your own business. Supporting entrepreneurs, OIH is actively holding events to deliver actual comments from successful entrepreneurs.