OIH Topics in October-2

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Osaka City has started to conduct a “Seed Acceleration Program” from this fiscal year, and we are holding the “Demo Day” featuring the first batch of participants today. The participants, venture companies, have played the main role in the event today, while the Osaka City Mayor, Mr. Yoshimura, also has talked his passion toward supporting venture companies.

In accordance with the features of the program including “fund raising” and “business cooperation with large companies”, some projects that lead to investment or business cooperation have been generated by the first batch of participants. We believe that energy from the participants as well as those involved, including mentors, has brought these results. Thank you very much.

We appreciate the inspiring stories that speakers―a general manager at the academia headquarters, Mr. Yoichi Ito at Yahoo Y! , and a general partner at Femto Growth Capital LLP, Mr. Tetsuya Isozaki― in the guest panel discussion have given us today.