[Hack Osaka 2017 topics: Hack Award 2017]

Hack Award 2017 (an international pitch event): themes of the speakers are as follows. Just looking at the titles makes us excited!

[Part 2, Hack Award: 4PM-]
– Earphones customized according to individual ear shape (Berlin)
– Established a doctors’ network in Southeast Asia and India. Offering an online test for CME (Singapore)
– Reservation system for long tail accommodation (Indonesia)
– Health promotion by improving diets (Kyoto, Japan)
– Device for detecting malfunction of the heart (NYC)
– Self-service VR terminal (Paris)
– Using capillaies as a health indicator (Osaka, Japan)
– Application to find a babysitter that speaks your language (Holland)
– Hardware that informs you of the locations of vacant parking lots (Toulouse)

[Hack Osaka2017]
1:00pm-7:00pm; Thursday, February 9, 2017
Congress Convention Hall A, Room 1-3