One week to go until Hack Osaka 2017!

There is only about a week until the annual innovation event, “Hack Osaka 2017.”

In the fifth edition of the event this year, contents have been redesigned. Many people from every walk of life who are involved in innovation will gather on the day, which will make it something like a festival. Feel free to enjoy programs that interest you.
Please check the timetable for your information.

You don’t need to participate in all the programs, but only the ones you are interested in.

[Stage Arena]
– Lectures x 4 (Stage)
– Panel session x 1 (Stage)
– Global pitch x 1 (Stage)

[Communication Arena]
– Workshop “Creativity”
– Monozukuri Hardware Cup (the elimination round in Japan of the world cup)
– Student Battlefield (student entrepreneurs’ pitch)
– Startup Showcase (showcase of startups)
– Speed Dating (matching with venture capitals)
– Walk-in Pitch (walk-in one minute pitch)
– Meet Up With Speakers (interaction with speakers)

We are looking forward to seeing you at the venue on the day.

[Hack Osaka2017]
1:00pm-7:00pm; Thursday, February 9, 2017
Congress Convention Hall A, Room 1-3