[Osaka Innovation Week! Developing the framework for innovation in Kansai from point, to line, to plane]

We will have very exciting days in Osaka from Feb.7 to 10, with the theme of “innovation”, mainly at Grand Front Osaka.
We call it “Osaka Innovation Week!”
Innovation conferences in which people from every walk of life can participate will be held for four consecutive days.
The conferences include an exhibition of university-launched technological seeds, which are the source of innovation; innovation to support venture companies; and the kickoff of Kansai branch of the Japan Association of New Economy.
During this week, the “points” of innovation we have been working on will turn to a “line.” When you participate in this event as bearers of innovation ecosystems, the line will become a “plane.” We are looking forward to your participation.
[Osaka Innovation Week!]


JST Open Innovation Fair WEST 2017 (Feb.7-8)
With the theme of “an exhibition of university-launched technological seeds from Kansai,” various technological seeds will be displayed and presented. The source of innovation is here!
NEXT INNOVATION Conference (Feb.7)
We will redefine the words “venture” and “innovator,” which are often discussed with only vague images, by showing their relevance to the actual companies that will create the future in Kansai.


Hack Osaka 2017 (Feb.9)
Based on the concept of Open Innovation City Osaka, we will welcome entrepreneurs and accelerators from various countries around the world, aiming to establish the innovation ecosystem as a culture in Kansai.


[Japan Association of New Economy] Kansai Branch Launch Party (Feb.10)
This is a kickoff of the Kansai branch to support venture ecosystem in Kansai!