Next Innovation Conference was held!

Next Innovation Conference (action plan presentations) hosted by the Kansai Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry, was held at OIH 7th Feb. morning, with many media reporters gathered.


This project aims to redefine the words “venture” and “innovator,” which are often discussed with only vague images, to lead to concrete actions based on these redefinition in the future. We will cooperate with this project to establish the OIH innovation ecosystem!


Interestingly, a new yardstick for business succession by second business owners is used in this project.


Based on tangible and intangible management resources that are inherited from predecessors, young successors will generate new value in society, taking on the challenge of entering new businesses or markets, or transforming their business styles, while aggressively combating risks and obstacles. We refer to these young successors as “venture-company-type business successors.”


How interesting!