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Finger Rehabilitation Robot

R-Techs Co., Ltd.

This finger rehabilitation robot memorizes and reproduces rehabilitation movements anytime anywhere, making proper continued rehabilitation possible by oneself without the help of an occupational therapist.

  • The robot is for patients with fingers paralyzed due to stroke or who require rehabilitation after finger surgery.
  • Current rehabilitation is painful and tiring as it involves repeating movements for 10 to 40 and min/day, therefore most patients do not continue with it, which delays their recovery. This robot eliminates the fatigue component of rehabilitation. Proper rehabilitation is not only efficient for the patient but also means the prospect of a quicker recovery. Moreover, for occupational therapists, it means shorter therapy and less burden, hence gained time can be spent on more advanced therapies and treatments.

They had an demonstration experiment in a hospital and at a home in Ahusu city in Denmark in 2012.