Electronic Devices / Materials

“Panetyp” Make-Your-Own Original Key Sheet

Software Engineering Co., Ltd.

Software Engineering provides both embedding technology and software development. They have applied that know-how to developing their own products (Panetyp). They have great potential for developing educational products, applications for commercial facilities, etc.

Elemental technologies

  • Software Engineering’s main line of business is commissioned research and development from manufacturers, such as to embed and customize elemental technologies developed by universities in devices.
  • They specialize in software development for image processing and embedding development for RTOS. In-house developed product: Panetyp * Photo
  • Panetyp is an operating panel that users themselves create by fitting sheets into a mother panel. Sheet layout is unrestricted and users can determine key arrays and what operations to assign to them.
  • Panetyp makes PCs easy to operate; therefore it is possible to make key sheets for computers that elderly persons and young children can use.