Design, Development and Marketing of Biosignal Acquisition and Processing Systems

Biosignal Co., Ltd.

Acquires biosignals such as ECG and EMG from the body. Once used predominately in the medical field, that data can be applied to diverse uses, e.g., as operating signals for robots.

  • Existing devices that monitor biosignals are used in the medical field. Therefore,  they must be highly reliable, but because of their high price, this wonderful technology has not spread beyond the world of medicine, except for applications in research. Biosignal develops and sells devices that apply this technology at low price without sacrificing reliability. Software technology makes it possible for anyone to easily use it.
  • Since anyone can easily make use of biosignals, there are unlimited possibilities for development as a new means of communication between man and machine or for person-to-person connections.
  • The system developed by Biosignal offers sound reliability at a price anyone can afford. Therefore,  it can be lent out, used for events, etc.