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Biomimetic Myoelectric Arm, Artificial Arm for Practicing Blood Drawing and Injections

Marui & Co., Ltd.

Biomimetic arm

This new type of biomimetic arm has the dynamic characteristics of human nerve and muscular control systems for the purpose of repeating arm functions. Because it can be controlled like an actual hand, less time is needed for practice. Moreover, it blends into daily activities because it is lightweight, compact and quiet in ways not seen with earlier products.

Artificial arm for practicing blood drawing and injections

This arm is used for initial training in drawing blood and giving injections. The skin covering was developed with measuring technology of Marui’s; it feels very similar to real skin when punctured with a needle, so the arm is very effective for training. Moreover, the skin covering can be replaced. This is not only economical but it also makes the product lighter and easier to carry than earlier products.