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Laser Range Scanner

Hokuyo Automatic Co., Ltd.  http://www.hokuyo-aut.jp/

Since 2003, Hokuyo Automatic has been developing as part of its new business efforts. a “range scanner” to fit a market  need for “small, light-weight and low-power ” intelligent robots.

  • These range scanner are environmental sensors that acquire form data of the surrounding area by horizontal scanning. They fulfill the role of an eye for service robots (270˚ field of view).
  • These range scanners make it possible for service robots to identify passable corridors and smoothly navigate their way to their destination.
  • Because the range scanner outputs data on the surrounding area in real-time, robots can avoid obstacles and detect people.
  • Compared to similar products of other manufacturers, Hokuyo Automatic’s range scanners are small (φ60 x H87 projections) and lightweight (370 g).

Note: Hokuyo Automatic welcomes customer input during development so that their range scanners are highly practical.