Open Innovation

We are working on open innovation by collaboration between major companies and venture companies, as well as actualization of needs by collaborating with major companies which are partner companies of Osaka Innovation Hub.
In addition, we have various programs for finding needs as a starting point of project/business, and discovering new needs.

Examples of Open Innovation program

■Innovation Exchange

The concept is “Collaborate with a Global Company, Develop New World-class Products”. Member companies of Osaka Hackers Club are collaborating with global companies such as ONKYO, Reckitt Benckiser, Sunstar, and Yahoo!JAPAN.

■CoCreation JAM

Sharp corporation, a manufacturer of consumer electronics, organized open innovation event utilizing their product “COCOROBO” the cleaning robot. Players mostly consisting of engineers from Osaka Hackers Club participated in the hackathon event to add new values to COCOROBO. The result was adopted as one of the ideas for productization.