Project Creation

We support project creation by collaboration with various players through programs focusing on hackathons from which globally successful startups have been born. Moreover, we have well designed presentation programs for matching investors with what they are looking for to realize business development with investment.

Examples of Project Creation Program

■Mono App Hackathon

“Hackathon” comes from the words “hack” and “marathon”, and is an attempt by software engineers and others to develop software and services in a short period of time.The Mono App Hackathon is an effort to implement hachathons in the world of hardware, such as electric appliances, though the hackathons that have been conducted in the software world so far.


To attract investments or to start new business, it takes good skills to make your business model understood, in other words how good your presentation skills are for communication. You know what to do but it is easier said than done. We work together with Yoshimoto Kogyo, the Japanese major entertainment enterprise with production and management know-how, and developed a new presentation approach “TSUKKOMARE-Pitch”. In this program, presentation skills to attract investment will be brushed up and also finding investors and business partners is possible.