Conducting remote operations of consumer electronic products on private network via Social Network System

Keiichi Yasumoto
Ubiquitous Computing Systems Laboratory
Nara Institute of Science and Technology

General information

Some software application along with simple interactive spoken word’s interface include:
1) remote access application; 2) application for wireless security hardware; and 3) application for collecting a massive volume of both structured and unstructured data.

Specific information

For private network
1) Locate and configure home server, 2) connect consumer electronic products to the server through universal plug and play, and 3) allow the infrared products to use universal plug and play through Sun Small Programmable Object Technology.

For public network
1) The home server functions as a gatekeeper on Twitter’s follows, and 2) the server allows consumer electronic products to be run at the request of agents on public network or sends the agents the monitoring information through Twitter’s reply system.

Turnaround time
About a second will be spent to allow consumer electronic products to be run and monitor the products via Twitter.

Use of Technology

Simple and easy energy saving through smartphone.