Navigation Systems for Open Campus

Nobukazu Iguchi
Department of Informatics, Science and Technology
Kinki University

General information

Tens of thousands of people come to join such events as open campus in universities each year. There are open laboratory and tour programs for school facilities; however, some people can not join the programs if the university restricts the number of the participants. If this is the case, it is most likely to happen that although the participants can get the brochures, they will not be able to reach information they really need despite that they joined the event. To deal with the issue the participants may encounter, we have developed Navigation System for Open Campus, one of the Android software applications. Through the system, participants easily can: 1) see the map of the entire campus, 2) take the direction to their destination, 3) conduct information search for laboratories in which they are interested, 4) read school brochures, and 5) make use of questionnaire.

Specific information

  • The system is capable of automatically finding the shortest path from origin to destination to navigate.
  • The system is capable of automatically select the nearest access point to Android user’s mobile computer and send the information to the device through use of MAC address and RSSI values of Bluetooth
  • The system enables users to participate in questionnaire and download the results from servers.
  • The system enables users to download such statistics as the number of participants from servers

Use of Technology

  • Conducting tourist navigation and automatically searching for information on famous historical places
  • Gaining access to brochures on art museums and others, automatically searching for exhibitions, conducting automatic route navigation when a variety of events are held, and automatically setting checkpoints