The 3rd Innovation Exchange, Create an innovation with the latest ICT! February 28

At the 3rd Innovation Exchange, we invited super creators from the Exploratory IT Human Resources Project (The MITOH Program) of Information-technology Promotion Agency, Japan producing up-and-coming ICT creators in Japan, and organized the new project through the amalgamation of technologies and businesses centered on creative ideas, ICT technologies and competitive manufacturing of Osaka.

First, Mr. Makiyo Kamishima, deputy center chief of academic-industrial alliance of IPA IT human resource development division, explained about the Exploratory IT Human Resources Project (The MITOH Program), and the following six creators challenging commercialization of own developed ICT technologies made presentations about their technologies and businesses.

Ms. Marika Hayashi, President, QibiTech Incorporated

Introduction of sensing technologies of people to people diversified contact such as a grab or a gentle stroke and the related prototypes of game systems.

Mr. Masato Fujino, CEO, Fairy Devices Incorporated

Introduction of the new type user interface of which core competence is composed of data processing technologies such as a music information processing, a music signal processing, or a music recognition, etc. based on the device development of an automatic performance by a violin in conjunction with multiple sensor/real time sound processing.

Mr. Masaki Goto, Director and CTO, Best Teacher Incorporated

Introduction of the new LMS (Learning Management System) for schools or private tutoring schools where tablet type terminals such as iPad are provided to each student.

– Mr. Yoichi Ochiai, Director and Artist, jiseCHI Company Limited

Introduction of technologies and media artworks developed in recent years centered on the transformational screen technology utilizing colloid solution and ultrasonic sound wave and the colloid display applied the related technology.

Mr. Tatsuya Saito, Managing Director, abcs L.L.C.

Introduction of pipoIO providing interfaces that connect external devices with mobile terminals such as iPhone, Android, etc

Mr. Toru Takahashi, Chief Producer, ATR Creative Incorporated

Introduction of the new type information media and information service adapted UX design connecting analogue type experience such as histories, cultures, experiences and memories in city life, body movements, etc. and digital type technologies.

About 90 audiences related to system development, electronic device development, etc. gathered and listened to the presentation of each creator. After that, innovators playing actively in the world as a panelist discussed the theme “Innovations start from here.”

The panelists are Mr. Toru Takasuka who established Cybozu, Inc. and is a person with extensive business experience in the U.S.A., Dr. Hiroshi Ishiguro, professor of Osaka University Graduate School of Engineering Science who developed his own android and was elected as “Eight geniuses who change world,” and Dr. Takahiro Miyashita of Intelligent Robotics and Communication Laboratories of Advanced Telecommunications Research Institute International, who is a researcher and a coordinator for commercializing technologies. Those three gentlemen discussed creations of innovations, globalization of business and expectations for Osaka aggressively at each position.

According to Mr. Takasuka, innovations change races, countries, languages, lives, etc. and innovations have not been created such as Google, Apple or Twitter. The creation of innovations requires bravery jumping to uncertainty even if there is no market in there.

According to Dr. Ishiguro, because we, Japanese, manufacture carefully, we are able to target a certain market if we earnestly address the manufacturing at utmost effort once.
The manufacturing needs not only communications through internet but also face to face communication observing the subject. Therefore, Osaka is a suitable sized place to integrate manufacturers and research institutes.

According to Dr. Miyashita, Osaka is good at certifying qualities, and has ability and habitude to incubate the developed products, services, etc. together, and establishing a platform connects leading engineers and researchers may enable to approach global innovations.

At last, Dr. Ishiguro insisted expectancy to develop a place of global innovations in Osaka and to continue such a productive discussion and importance to build human network continually.

On the 3rd Innovation Exchange, about 60 cases of matching were done by creators who made presentations and companies/universities made presentations and displayed posters.

We will continue to support the business creation for globalization in combination with manufacturing as Osaka’s competitive advantage and ICT.