Reports: Seminar Commemorating the Opening of Osaka Innovation Hub “Expectations for Occurring Global Innovations and Entrepreneurs” on May 21st, 2013

IMG_5334On May 21, 2013, to mark the opening of Osaka Innovation Hub (“OIH” hereafter), we invited Takahito Iguchi, CEO of Telepathy Inc. to our opening event, a front-line pioneer of wearable computers and also the creator of a social communication device called “Telepathy One”. Iguchi, who had already realized the world of “Neo Hardware” which is exactly the new Monodukuri (manufacturing / making things) world OIH is aiming for, talked about his passion for “Telepathy One” for the first time in Japan, as well as his visions and other valuable stories.

Thomas Foley, CEO of Silver Egg Technology, the first company specializing in recommendation business in Japan, was also invited to our opening event. As a brave entrepreneur who stands up against difficulties working in a foreign country, he gave an interview with Ikuo Hiraishi, super producer of innovate!osaka, telling stories about his pressures and setbacks at the time of founding.

One hundred and six participants exceeding the limit of number gathered at OIH for the opening event. After a greeting by Masaaki Yoshikawa, Director General of Urban Planning Bureau, the City of Osaka sponsoring the event, the introduction of OIH by Hiraishi and Takahiro Miyashita of innovate! Osaka, the time has come for Iguchi’s talk!

Talk “Possibilities of Global Innovation to be Opened by IT and Hardware”

Takahito Iguchi, CEO, Telepathy Inc.

A device for the next generation “Telepathy”

Iguchi got on to the stage in his very Silicon Valley outfit, a polo shirt, half pants and a pair of sneakers.
That was his long-awaited talk in Japanese and for the first time to introduce “Telepathy One” in Japan, OIH heated up with enthusiasm and expectations.

‘Steve Jobs created personal computers for the first time, and then iPhone and tablet devices appeared in the world. We can use anytime-anywhere devices now but the better ones are not yet created in either Silicon Valley or any other place in the world. I am sure “Telepathy One” will be the next device!’ as Iguchi said, the crowd cheered with excitement!

Concept : Wear your love –Social Communication Device –

‘The concept of Telepathy is Social Communication Device. Pop-ups enable you to see the situation of each other and its streaming is done instantly. I want to make it possible for Telepathy users to share their feelings easily. Also, wearable device has to look cool enough to wear all the time. I am quite confident in its current shape but Telepathy is still evolving, and to go further, “Love” is important! “Wear your love”, that is Telepathy.’

Talk (Discussion) ”Technology to Drive Global Innovation”

Thomas Foley, CEO, Silver Egg Technology
Ikuo Hiraishi, Super Producer, innovate! osaka
(President & CEO, SunBridge Global Ventures)

Technology to Drive Global Innovation

DSC01093Silver Egg Technology made a grand appearance in 2000 in the midst of a major boom of Internet business.
Thomas Foley, the CEO has been working hard for fifteen years in Japan, a foreign country to him, through tough times caused by collapse of IT bubble.
Foley talked to his dedicated audience that the passion to “change the world” kept him motivated best in hard times, and added “It is important to act (start business) in the first place, not just thinking.”

Talk Session “Expectations for Osaka Innovation Hub and its Potential”

Akinori Takahagi, Team Moff (Participant in Mono-App-Hackathon&Business Planning DEMO in Silicon Valley)
Motohiro Yonesaka, Team Moff (Participant in Mono-App-Hackathon)
Takahiro Yamaguchi, GOB Labotratory (Facilitator of Mono-App-Hackathon)
Masaki Taniguchi, GOB Labotratory (Organizer of Mono-App-Hackathon)
Chikara Takagishi, innovate! osaka (Project Manager, Urban Innovation Institute)

Break the bias!!

DSC01137“Think of one real person, always keep that in mind. That is what innovation is about, not trying to gain a lot from the beginning.” said Takahiro Yamaguchi of GOB Laboratory, and by his words Akinori Takahagi of Team Moff says he was shocked.
Yamaguchi also explained the importance of teaming up with people from different areas, as it had been done in Mono-App-Hackathon.
“Wider variety of different fields involved usually reduces productivity and possibly ends up with nothing, but with good management, it will lead to the opposite result.”
It seems we can have high expectations for the next Mono-App-Hackathon changing for the better!

The key to their success, for Iguchi and Foley, might be the path they have walked sticking to their beliefs and living up to their definite ideals and visions.
Through the seminar, we felt that great awareness and strong heart were exactly the drive to create innovation.
It was impressive to see all the people beaming while experiencing “Telepathy One” at the exchange meeting. That happy look on their faces was the ideal of Iguchi, “Wear your love”, as if to realize the idea “think of one real person for creation” said by Yamaguchi in the talk session.
Let’s start moving to send passionate entrepreneurs of our own, from Osaka Innovation Hub, out to the world!