[Report] Product Development Program “The 2nd Mono-App-Hackathon” A Challenge to Create a New Product from Osaka! Experience an innovative way of product development with IT. July 6-13, 2013

In the “Mono-App-Hackathon” program, each team creates a functional prototype of an original electronic gadget under a given theme in a short period of time.

People from the different fields meeting for the first time formed teams and eagerly created prototypes with methodology of design thinking. Through the experience of those approaches to product development based on an idea of user side, they show the new manufacturing happening in Osaka. For the second time of this Mono-App-Hackathon event, we set a longer period to create prototypes for a week, in response of a request from the previous participants who had wanted more time to build high quality prototypes.
The theme for this time is “Health”, and product concept is created from actual users’ ideas. After first screening, PLEN Project Committee held tech support meeting and each team moved on to their own development for the final presentation. As a one week results, participants created unprecedented prototypes and brought surprises and laughter to all of them involved.

The purpose of Mono-App-Hackathon is a creation of innovation through the encounters of people-to-people, and people-to-values. Also in this program, numerous encounters to be the core of future innovation were born through sharing the process of creating the world’s first gadgets.


Daily report (in Japanese)

Host: City Planning Bureau, City of Osaka