[Report] OIH Seminar “We change the world ~ We Shift, World Shift~ Deliver the best educational opportunity to the world” on August 23, 2013

The aim of this project is to build business plans to change the world through seminars by speakers engaged in innovative activities and workshops aided by mentors such as experienced entrepreneurs, which is designed for young people with strong will to change the world and to make a difference in the world embracing the ideals “We shift, the World shifts” to solve the social problems via the business.

We will support you with the ideas as follows!
“I want to solve deelopent subject in the developing countries via the business!”
“We want to solve the common social problems in the developed countries through the business!”

Gotairiku Dragon Sakura, Atsuyoshi Saisho of E-education Project, who is trying to provide financially challenged students in the developing countries with opportunity for education, was invited for the first seminar.

Encounter with the Grameen Bank, Departure for Bangladesh


“Everybody, do you know the Grameen Bank?” Saisho started his lecture by asking this question.
Grameen Bank is a bank which makes small loans mainly to the impoverished and women. Professor Muhammad Yunus, the founder of the bank won the Nobel-Peace Prize. Saisho found out about the Grameen Bank and was shocked by their activities, which made him want to contribute to society, so after one month, he flew to Bangladesh and started working on an internship at the bank.

Decide to start business to provide educational opportunities for the impoverished

Saisho learned that Bangladesh, the most destitute country in Asia, has a thriving education industry. Still, 95 percent of the students at University of Dahka which is said to be the equivalent to the University of Tokyo, studied at cram schools. Since the impoverished in rural parts cannot afford the school fee, it was difficult for the children from those families to go to the university. “To provide educational opportunity”, Saisho decided to launch the project “e- Education” for anytime, anywhere, anyone to learn, taking a hint from video lectures he had at cram schools for university entrance exam.

Problems piled up, but I want to provide educational opportunity throughout five continents!

The project was not smooth sailing from the start. They had problems piled up. It was a start from scratch, from gathering students to arranging educational environment. Saisho realized again the difficulty in “solving social issues through the business”. By improving educational situation with his e-Education, he started to receive positive feedback. Saisho firmly believes that education can change the world and now he is eagerly trying to promote “e-Education” on five continents.


They say social business is difficult.
As long as it is a business, income has to be earned while solving social issues.
Saisho walked his own path and overcame obstacles with the help of his company. For social business, strong “belief” like Saisho has, the “passion” to solve social issues and “company” to share and support the aspiration will be the keys.

Host : City Planning Bureau, City of Osaka