[Reports] The Fifth Innovation Exchange ONKYO Open Innovation Challenge on January 29th, 2014

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Innovation Exchange is an event to create new businesses through open innovation, making technical proposals, collaboration proposals and so on to match the needs by global companies.
For the fifth Innovation Exchange, Mr. Tanaka of ONKYO ENTERTAINMENT TECHNOLOGY CORPORATION explained the technical needs of their company.

ONKYO’s New Challenge

ONKYO Corporation is an audio equipment manufacturer with many affiliated companies in and out of Japan. The company has nearly 70 years of history since its establishment in the name of Osaka Denki Onkyo K.K., and is a global enterprise born in Osaka holding head office and the main store in the same city. Aiming to challenge in the new areas for them, in the fields of medical treatment, nursing, education and so on, the company held their first open innovation event.

To the New Field with High-Res Audio

The theme for ONKYO open innovation for this time is “High-Res Audio” which enables listeners to enjoy quality sound extremely close to the original as played in concert halls owing to enormous amount of data compared to the ones of CDs. Through music distribution service using High-res audio called “e-onkyo music”, 600,000 music were downloaded per month, which tells High-res audio draws much attention recently. For this time, Onkyo held Innovation Exchange to seek partners to go into the new fields of business such as medical treatment, nursing, education and so on, using their High-res audio technology.

As many participants are actually thinking about new business in this field, their serious interests were seen concerning those examples such as high sound quality speaker equipped caring bed and wheelchair, BGM use in medical facilities, audio experience as prenatal care and for infants, High-res audio English conversation practice and so on. The first trial event of ONKYO was also introduced in their in-house newsletter and caught much attention. Among participants, we heard that they could have deeper understandings of difference in sound quality and technology by listening to High-res audio in person.

We will continue to hold Innovation Exchange events to provide opportunities to exchange various ideas, needs and information.

※High-res audio (High-resolution audio)
High resolution audio has extremely high level sound data compared to CDs, which means high-res audio can have much more precise sound expression than CDs.

Host: City Planning Bureau, City of Osaka
Operator: innovate!osaka