[Reports] The Seventh Innovation Exchange on February 21, 2014

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For the seventh Innovation Exchange, two sessions were held to encourage participations from various business fields.
In the first session, Mr. Makino of Asia explained the technical needs released by three global enterprises.
Same as last year, Mr. Nishimura of Reckitt Benckiser Asia Pacific Ltd. released their new technical needs in the second session, looking for their collaboration partners.

Session 1, an agency with three branches in US, UK and Japan which provides information on technical needs of global companies as open innovation service, is sharing those information with collaborators in the world, using their global network.
Since the total of five technical needs from their three clients were related to polymer, bio material, and pressure sensitive adhesive, we had many participants from research institute such as universities. We hope this event became a contribution for their creation of new networks by making another step towards realization of research results for them. releases information on various technical needs except those five cases. Osaka Innovation Hub will continue to collaborate with them to create global network.

Session 2 Reckitt Benckiser

Reckitt Benckiser is a UK-based healthcare manufacturer which provides products globally.
There were several categories for technical proposal for this time such as healthcare, personal care and home care, and they introduced cough drops, cold medicine, digestive medicine, and supplement, as the products using healthcare technology on which they put utmost emphasis currently.
It was also informed that “new products brought into market within past three years represent about 35% of sales”. The number shows the great flexibility in their new product development. This is possible because they have been fostering open innovation worldwide and introducing technologies from outside their company actively.

Participants were seen taking notes and asking questions seriously during explanations on examples of products actually launched trough this type of open innovation, and product realization using accepted proposals. We can expect future products coming out of this event, as we received comments in most of the questionnaire results such as “will make a proposal” and “under consideration”.

In this innovation exchange event, about forty people gathered for technical needs explanations from two global companies.
We will continue “Innovation Exchange” event to offer opportunities to make the most of Osaka’s strength for open innovation and to exchange various informations, for finding new business partners and creating projects.

Host: City Planning Bureau, City of Osaka
Operator: innovate!osaka