Mono-App-Hackathon January 26th, 27th, 2013

We, Osaka city, held the event “Mono-App-Hackathon” that aim to create ICT featured ‘Brand-new’ hardware products only just in two days from Jan 26th to 27th.

Mono-App-Hackathon – Global Innovation Osaka

“Hackathon” is a coined word made from the word “ Hack” and “Marathon”. This is the event that aim to create some software or application rapidly by software engineers and is held all over the world. Our event “Mono-App-Hackathon” doesn’t aim to create only software but also hardware products.

As many people have pointed recently, there is the rise of the new manufacturing business supported by 3D printing technology, open source hardware like “Arduino” and running without fabrication facilities. And it means that it’s becoming easy to entering the business of manufacturing industries for newcomers.

Under this circumstances, We held the “Mono-App-Hackathon” to start to promote this new emerging industry due to blend Osaka’s competitive advantage of manufacturing and the new wave of ICT such as mobile, cloud, UI/UX together. And fortunately many talented engineers and designers have gathered for this challengingevent even though they have given only two days to create innovative electric products. It was so energetic time.

Day 1st

Day 1st was mainly spent for workshop to produce concept of products. Attendees thought about the user’s personality, the value to provide and so on. Attendees consisted of three types of professionals: Hardware engineers, Software engineers and Designers (including Marketers ). The number of attendees were over forty. They made ten groups and each groups chose one from the given themes for their products.


After that, they produced their concept in process based on Design Thinking. This method has been watched as a method to create innovations and comes from “IDEO”, design consulting firm, and at Stanford University. The workshop of this event was designed and facilitated by Takahiro Yamaguchi from GOB Laboratory.


The next step after workshop was first judge by lecturers. During this time, each team presented about their product and concept with passion.


After first judge, we had keynote about new hardware business. The speaker was Takuma Iwasa, CEO of Cerevo. He is one of the most famous Japanese entrepreneurs in new manufacturing industry. He talked a lot about the chance and the way to challenge in hardware startup.


After the declaration of the result for first judge, the winning 5 teams started setting for prototyping.

Day 2nd

Day 2nd was for prototyping. Each teams shared their roles to proceed: Hardware engineers wrote code to Arduino and build-up each parts. Software engineers build application  including server-side programming  to operate their prototypes. Designer designs entire shape of their products. And others prepared for presentation of final judge.


From prototyping, Natsuo Akazawa and Naohiro Hayaishi from Plen Project Committee has joined as lecturers and supporters. And also volunteer engineers also joined to support each teams.




Final Judge and Result

In the end, 5 products  below was produced.

Home planetarium for hard workin’ child raising generations.

Communication device with touchable interface to avoid a quarrel between lovers. monoapp_kaeru

Remote communication device based the ring used in Buddhism to support communication for grand parents and grandchild lived separate each other.

Egg-shaped WEB camera for checking in refrigerator to help smooth communication for mother and her daughter lived separated each other.

Printing device for travelers to make post cards from his/her photos on the spot.

And after the heated judge by judging committees, the team that made home planetarium  has got the first prize. This product came as a solution from the worry of an existing woman for her husbands’ non-participation of child raise.


After Hackathon, attendees has continued exchanging with each other in Facebook and other events. And some teams have continued prototyping to complete their making prototypes.

We, Global Innovation Osaka, continuously expand our challenge for innovations in this “new manufacturing industry”.

Please give your attention to our challenges from now on.



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