Reports: Innovation Exchange Vol.02 on February 6th, 2013

Active City Forum: Technologies Rejuvenate the City, “Creating new service with ubiquitous platform that may be available in the Umekita area”

In the 2nd Innovation Exchange, we have focused on innovative challenges aiming at developing competitive services and technologies with information and communications technology’s platform. (ICT’s platform)

Grand Front Osaka, one of the local government projects in the Umekita area for the growth of the economy, will be opening on April 26th, 2013. In Grand Front Osaka, a ubiquitous platform will be prepared to run digital signage equipments with the capability to have access to smart phones so that those who visit the city can get a variety of information that meet their needs and requirements in a timely manner by the phones.

For about 100 attendees to the 2nd Innovation Exchange, there have been the seminars and the company presentations regarding what business applications and services can be developed with such ubiquitous application tool as Android and what businesses are expected to be conducted in the new city. There also have been lots of discussions on each of the topics.

First, Professor Hideyuki Tokuda lectured at the special seminar to introduce how the corporate efforts on information communication had been made and identify a series of problems that had occurred in Great East Japan Earthquake on March 11, 2011. The professor also suggested how new cities should be developed in assistance with ICT and provided the examples and tips of local practices in Japan and other countries for future problem-solving. Mr. Tokuda is the Dean and Professor of the Graduate School of Media and Governance and Professor at the Faculty of Environment and Information Studies, Keio University.

Not only did the professor cite to increasing transparency of current situation through use of ICT, but he also provided an example of the most advanced European system based on needs assessment survey regarding optimum technology for power and transportation systems in the city, social innovation, and ‘technology shaping,’ which is a special term, meaning transforming technology to reinforce privacy protection and improve ease of use. Lastly, he has talked about hope of a model for city development with ICT’s platform and future of its international deployment.

Grand Front Osaka TMO, dedicated to construction management in the Umekita area, has introduced an overview of the service with ubiquitous platform that may be available in the area. Information Services International-Dentsu, Limited has given the presentation of future projection about +fooop! on which may be conducted sales domestically and internationally.

+fooop! is a ubiquitous application platform to gain to analyze the data of customer’s behavior of adoption, weather and traffic information, and how about the connection with friends and others who work, study and live. Because people can have timely access to more relevant information through +fooop!, they will be able to have greater experience in the city than ever. We anticipate that it will make the city more fascinating.

By relating the information on Facebook and twitter to the chronological information about personal behavior in the city, the system connects people with others and the city with people. Some entrepreneurs or organizations are working on creating new services and program contents to boost the economy of the city through use of this platform.

Sekisui House, Ltd., one of the office tenants with Grand Front Osaka, has introduced their business activities to provide healthy and cozy houses to live and SUMUFUMULAB, the first center in the industry for open innovation, which may be established in Future Life Show Room, located within Knowledge Capital, the core facility of Grand Front Osaka. Sekisui House also has referred to enthusiasm and expectation in carrying out business innovation in the Umekita area, Osaka City.

This time, 10 companies and educational institutes conducted poster advertisement for the technologies and products that are available for use in the city. In this event, there also have been lots of the attendees’ discussions based on the product presentations and technology guidelines.

For those educational institutes that have conducted poster advertisement and given the presentation of the technology, 40 business matchmaking processes have been conducted; some of which have seized the opportunities to get a new business off the ground based on the partnership with those who have been met in the process.

Lots of individuals and organizations have an interest in using ICT’s platform within the city. Companies in other countries contacted us to see if there are opportunities with which they are able to do business.

Starting today, we are going to engage in a variety of supports, including small laboratory operations, delving into needs and requirements, experiment for commercialization, etc., for creating the advanced and globally competitive services through use of ICT’s platform.