Player / Partner

OIH Members (members of the OIH organization) are categorized as Player members or Partner members.

About Player members About Partner members

Player members


Anyone who has ideas or techniques and aims to start a business or commercialize it can become a member.

Advantages for members

Advantage 1

Members can appear at pitch events where they meet investors or representatives of major companies

Advantage 2

Members can receive support for press releases to media such as TV and newspapers

Advantage 3

Members can receive mentoring from IPO -experienced people or angel investors

Advantage 4

Members can use the Innovation Base for meeting or working

Advantage 5

Members can hold events with a global-related theme

Advantage 6

Members can participate in an annual international event, Hack Osaka.

Procedures for joining


E-mail regarding acceptance or rejection

Partner members

Partners are companies, communities, or civil services that cooperate in creating projects with OIH.
Partners can also hold events.

*We are not recruiting from the public. Inquire with us individually.