Procedures for holding an event

To hold an event at OIH

  • Should be Player member or Partner member at OIH
  • Should agree to the Terms of Usage of Osaka Innovation Hub Facilities
  • Information about your plan should be provided to OIH at a meeting.
    *If you have not provided information about your plan yet, make an appointment for a meeting by phone or using the inquiry form online.
  • An application form for co-hosting should be submitted no later than a month before the event day.

Send an application form for co-hosting to by 23:59 every Monday.
We will inform you of approval or disapproval of the event after screening.

Screening standards

  • Should be connected to creating new projects or services.
  • Should have potential to connect with the world in the future.
  • Should agree to an interview with us about your results.
  • As a rule, more than 50 participants should be expected for events held on Saturdays, Sundays or holidays.

Events that cannot be held are those that:

Involve renting out the space

Involve making profits

Relate to politics or religion

Relate to hobbies or culture

Are for alumni association or alumni reunion

Are held by antisocial groups


Announcement and recruiting of participants

  • Hosts should announce events and recruit participants.
  • To describe the event venue in an event announcement, permission is necessary in advance.
  • On the announcement webpage, stipulate that OIH co-hosts the event.
  • Inform us of the announcement webpage address so that we can post it on the OIH event calendar and e-mail newsletter.

Holding events

  • When you want to serve food and drinks inside our facility, be sure to fill out the application form for co-hosting with OIH, with information about whether you want to ask OIH to dispose of waste (3,000 yen).
  • Submit an event report within a week after the event.
  • We do not rent or borrow equipment or space related to Knowledge Salon, as it is a different organization.


As we may ask for a list of participants, make sure to gain approval from participants beforehand.


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(Monday to Friday, 10:00 – 18:00, *except holidays and New Year period)