About us / Introduction of OIH staff

We support projects and startups that are taking on the challenges of “Innovation x Global.”

Osaka Innovation Hub (OIH) is a place for innovation, where entrepreneurs and engineers who want to take on global business challenges gather.
It was established by Osaka City (Innovation Economic Strategy Bureau) and is operated by the Osaka Urban Industry Promotion Center. OIH holds events and programs (about 200 a year) that lead to creation of new projects or scaling up of projects.
Player and Partner members, who aim to produce new projects, hold events at OIH to generate innovation with various people gathering from inside and outside of Japan, interacting and reacting with one another.

Chief Producer

Masao Nagakawa
Chief Producer

Motto: We can change the future with our will.

Born in Takamatsu, Kagawa Prefecture. Having worked for a bank for 15 years after graduating from university, I got involved in management after being invited by a client company. Since then, I have supported more than 300 entrepreneurs and people who want to start independent businesses, helping with their one-person businesses, IT-related ventures and creative businesses at a business creation support facility in Osaka, while engaging in management at multiple companies.
Currently, while I am engaged in the operation of Osaka Innovation Hub, I aim to establish an innovation ecosystem in Kansai with the help of backers in industrial-academic-government-private communities and advisors at business strategy platforms.

– Events carried out in the past
Intrapreneur Meetup with large companies
Lean LaunchPad Osaka
Acceleration Program EXIT
– Areas of expertise
Comprehensive fostering of entrepreneurs, fundraising, business strategies and license business
– Favorite things
Visiting historic sites, exploring great secret spots

Staff member

Tatsuya Imoto
Business Producer

Motto: Open, flat, friendly

I am engaged in producing projects to support entrepreneurs in collaboration with various communities, including universities and government agencies, beyond the framework of OIH. Using a wide network transcending genders and nationalities, I am striving to establish ecosystems to support entrepreneurs.

– Events carried out in the past
Ladies’ Entrepreneur Discussions
Strategic Entrepreneur Development Project
– Areas of expertise
Female entrepreneurs and enthusiastic men
– Favorite things

Yoshifumi Nakagawa
Business Producer (Industrial-academic collaboration)

Motto: Don’t worry

As an OIH watchdog, I am engaged in promoting industrial-academic collaboration in cooperation with advanced technology institutions such as JST, NEDO, and NICT. I also organize business plan contests for students and entrepreneurs to find technology-related venture companies that specialize in ICT, etc. My favorite song is Shobai Hanjo (“prosperous business”).

– Events carried out in the past
Miraino Pitch
– Areas of expertise
Smoothing things over
– Favorite things
Just staying at home

Nae Nakamura
Business producer

Motto: Slow and steady wins the race

I was surprised to know that Osaka was relatively unknown among people, when I went overseas. I started to work, hoping to enhance Osaka’s presence. I’d like to make Osaka more widely known around the world, helping Osaka create startups and venture companies from Osaka and tap into the world market through OIH business.

– Events carried out in the past

– Areas of expertise

– Favorite things
Traveling abroad, going to yose (Japanese storytelling theater)

Kanae Nakayama
Planner (Business succession for venture companies)

Motto: Forward is the only way

I love TV, and I am not satisfied unless I watch commercials as well. My special interests are morning drama series, historical dramas, and fried horse mackerel (with sauce). I have experience writing travel reports regularly for Web media. I often go the whole way, once I get hooked on something.

– Events carried out in the past

Venture Companies’ Atotsugi (successor) Support Project
– Areas of expertise
– Favorite things
Fried horse mackerel, intake of lactobacillus

Kazuhisa Yoshii
Business producer

Motto: I won’t turn off my radio.

I joined OIH after engaging in radio program producing, working as freelance director and manager at a convenience store.
Thanks to my career and a lot of experience of interviews, I enjoy conversation with people on any subjects over drinks.
I don’t want be blocked when I express what I really feel and think, but I like fleshing out the nature of things to make it interesting.
As the tallest (188.7 cm) staff member that OIH has ever had, I want to be a big help!

– Events carried out in the past
Atotsugithon (successor support project)
Intorepreneur Meetup

– Areas of expertise
Staging, sound/video/event planning, having friendly communication easily and promptly

– Favorite things
Drinking with someone who happens to sit next

Chie Yamano
Publicity Chief

Motto: Keeping our aspirations high and taking a steady approach while thinking small

As a chief editor of Bplatz, I have been working on dissemination of information for companies. Through my experience offering support for 600 press releases a year, I offer key points and knowhow to help entrepreneurs gain media coverage. My favorite phrase is “getting flooded with comments is great.”
I am an initiator of the Business Succession Program for Venture Companies.

Yuki Nishijima
Project Leader

Motto: How should we be?

As I emphasize who we should work with rather than what we should do, I may not be a suitable person for administrative services. Using my experience with healing people who work too hard and offering solutions to their problems, I am also engaged in consultations on employing professional human resources. I may be a little bit grim-looking, but I have the No.1 sense of humor at OIH.