OIH All Night Hackathon in Katsuoji Temple

Sep.17, Sat – 18, Sun at Katsuoji Temple
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Outline of this event
About the event
You can hack freely what you want to create, as you feel and as you are.
OIH All Night Hackathon in Katsuoji Temple is a hackathon mainly for people who aim to develop tech communities in Kansai. The venue is Katsuoji Temple located about thirty minutes by bus from Senri-Chuo station. You can participate in this hackathon like an overnight camp for development. You can work on your development in a comfortable space at the temple, with spacious training rooms and large baths. Though the hackathon will award no prizes to participants, there are few restrictions on them. We hope you will use this opportunity to tackle a difficult theme that you cannot usually handle or realize your long- cherished ideas.

The program will be conducted in Japanese.
Mentors and participants
The hackathon recruits some mentors as well as participants. In principle, conditions for mentors and participants are almost the same, and we hope experienced people who have participated in hackathons many times or those who operate their own communities join this hackathon as mentors and support other participants.
(We may ask applicants for mentors to provide their profiles to post them on our official website with their permission.)
Katsuoji Temple (second and third days)
According to Koryuki (an old journal), this is one of the Koyasan Shingon sect temples constructed in 727. Known as a good luck temple and Daruma doll temple since ancient times, it overlooks magnificent, picturesque panoramic scenery with beautifully colored trees in autumn throughout 260,000 square meters of the precinct. It has training facilities, which are widely used by companies and schools.
Katsuoji Temple, Minoh City, Osaka, 5628508
Official website of Katsuoji Temple
Katsuoji Temple facilities
External appearance
Outline of the event
Eligibility for participation:
Engineers, designers, etc. (those who are directly involved in development)
Age: 18 or older (A parent or guardian’s agreement is needed for application under the age of 20)
Date and time
Second day: Sep 17, Sat.
Venue: Katsuoji Temple
12:30 Participants meet together at the site.
13:00 Hackathon starts.

Third day: Sep 18, Sun.
Venue: Katsuoji Temple
13:00 Presentations and demonstrations start after lunch. A winner is decided. Social interaction time until the event facilities are cleared away.。
16:00 Completion of clearing away
Number of participants
50 people
* If more than 50 people apply, participants will be decided by lottery. Thank you for your understanding.
Deadline for application
Sep. 12, Mon.⇨Sep. 16, Fri.
Participation fee (including accommodation, social interaction fee and tax)
General: \6,000, Students: \4,000
The office
OIH All Night Hackathon in Katsuoji Temple (Osaka Innovation Hub)
E-mail: ohclub@innovation-osaka.jp
TEL +81-(0)6-6359-3004

Environment in Katsuoji Temple
-Amenities: Yukata (Japanese bathrobes), bath towels, hand towels, toothbrushes
-Parking lot: Free of charge for hackathon participants. (Please state that you are a hackathon participant at reception.)
-Bath: 17:00-22:30 (free of charge), driers provided.
-Please be punctual, noting that the buses run about only once every hour from both Senri-Chuo and Minoh Station.
Notification for participants
Pictures and videos will be shot to publicize the event afterward.
There may be interviews by the media.
Please understand in advance the possibility that participants may appear in these pictures and videos.
The program will be conducted in Japanese.
Masaaki Fujii
(Representative of Lebe Inc, Super Hackathon moderator)
Jan.1979: Born in Kyoto
2005: Started to engage in development of applications for corporations as one of founders of Lebe Inc.
2012: Started to host Super Hackathon.
- Can I join the hackathon, though I cannot join the meeting on Sep. 3?
Yes, you can. We will brief you on the meeting on the hackathon day.
- Can I join the hackathon, though I can neither carry out development nor design by myself?
Only those who are directly involved in development can participate in this hackathon.
- Can I join the hackathon alone?
We recommend participants to join as a team, but a single engineer can join it with no problem, and a single designer can join it by teaming up with other team with (an) engineer(s).
- Can I join the hackathon with my friends or coworkers? Can we be a team?
Yes, you can. You can be a team with your friends or coworkers. The number of team members should be 5 or fewer, because a team with too many people may not function well.
- Can I use Wi-Fi?
Yes, you can. But, wired LAN is not available.
- What should I bring with me?
Please bring an OA tap (supply tap) per team as well as PCs to use for development by yourself.
- To whom will the presented ideas in the event belong?
Ideathons, presenting only ideas on the way to development, will not be held in this event. There will be no time to evaluate or present only ideas.
- To whom will the developed works in the event belong?
The right for developed works will belong to each team who developed them, or each person who developed or designed them. We may show presented contents by each team to participants or on our Website. Please do not present what you do not want to be released.
- Will we get prizes?
No, this hackathon will not award anything. Participants will vote after presentations to decide a winning team.
- If I become unable to join the event suddenly on the day, what should I do?
Please contact us on the day. We will ask you to pay the participation fee, if you cancel your participation after Sep. 13 (Tue). Thank you for your understanding.
-Can I join the hackathon without staying overnight?
We ask all participants to stay overnight at Katsuoji Temple. We will provide each participant with a room for about six people, though there is no private room.
*We will secure separate rooms for women.
*We will try to allot rooms so that the same team members can stay in the same room, but some people may have to share a room with a different team
- Can I take a bath?
A big bath is available anytime between 17:00 and 22:30
- Are meals served?
Yes, dinner is served on the 17th, and breakfast and lunch are served on the 18th. (Meals’ fees are included in the participation fee)
- Can I bring food with me?
You are allowed to bring snacks and sweets, but not meals.
You can drink and eat snacks only in the designated area.
-If I cannot develop my project completely, what shall I do?
Please present your project as much as you can, even if you haven’t completed it.
- Can I see projects developed by other teams?
Participants can see projects developed by other teams after presentations before voting time.
-Do I have to use API?
Using API is not necessarily required, but we recommend that you use it, if you have yet to decide your ideas to develop.
-Why do you recruit mentors?
We recruit mentors widely to create a suitable environment for cooperation, as this hackathon is aiming to create and develop tech communities as well as for participants to compete with each other.
-Will there be a social interaction meeting?
A social interaction meeting will be held for about an hour after a winner team is chosen, until the event facilities are cleared away.
-How will I pay?
Please pay the participation fee at the venue on Sep.17, Sat. We will charge those who have canceled participation after Sep. 13, Tur, the full participation fee as a cancellation fee. We will inform those who have canceled of how to pay individually.
Personal information and bylaws of participation
Personal information and bylaws of participation
Agreement to the Participation Agreement below is needed to apply. We will ask participants for a signature on the Participation Agreement filled out with necessary items on Sep. 17, Sat. Thank you for your understanding.

Personal information
Personal information provided to the event is used only within the scope of the purposes stipulated in advance, and is not provided to others. The privacy policy of Osaka Urban Industry Promotion Center is here.
* Please understand in advance that personal information provided to the event will be shared with Osaka Innovation Hub (operated by Osaka Urban Industry Promotion Center) and Lebe inc./ Super-Hackathon.
Host, Cooperators, Supporter
Osaka Innovation Hub


Katsuoji Temple
Outline of the event