Startups Business Meetings 2022

You can have business talks with promising Japanese and foreign startups. For those interested in collaborating with the startups, please make sure to apply.



Tuesday, February 8th and Wednesday, February 9th, 2022 from 9AM to 8PM

*Each meeting lasts up to one hour.
*Japanese-English interpreter will be present.





Application Deadline

Friday, February 4, 2022, 3PM

*Applicants will be contacted within 3 days of receiving the application to discuss meeting schedules.

How to apply

Please apply by clicking the [Business Meeting Application] button next to each of the participating startups.



Osaka Prefecture

Startups participating in the business meetings
(15 companies)

Learn more about the 15 startups here

社名 参加者氏名 役職 事業内容 カテゴリー 地域 ウェブサイト 参加意思表明 面談希望先
No.1 UrbanChain Group Limited
Learn more about UrbanChain Group Limited here
Click here to apply for a business meeting with UrbanChain Group Limited
UrbanChain Group Limited helps property owners boost profit with a smart parking management system - cameras and an online platform.
Instead of forcing drivers to pre-book parking spots, their online platform shows the availability of the spots and leads drivers there. This solution will enable property owners to increase their profit by 50%.
China Hong Kong
No.2 Autofleet
Learn more about Autofleet here
Click here to apply for a business meeting with Autofleet
Autofleet provides the premier Vehicle as a Service platform for fleets, optimizing fleets of vehicles to serve any source of demand.
Their solution enables the existing fleet assets in any area to be used as efficiently as possible, though minimal downtime in the operation, and to dynamically launch new efficient service.
Tel Aviv, Israel
No.3 HeyCharge GmbH
Learn more about HeyCharge GmbH here
Click here to apply for a business meeting with HeyCharge GmbH
HeyCharge has built technology that unlocks high scalability of charging infrastructure in indoor environments and makes charging affordable and available for everyone.
There is no need for an on-site internet connection. Instead, all devices will communicate directly over Bluetooth with the App or SDK and provide maximum availability of the system.
Munich, Germany
No.4 H3 Dynamics
Learn more about H3 Dynamics here
Click here to apply for a business meeting with H3 Dynamics
H3 Dynamics develops an advanced air mobility and achieves decarbonization with a three steps approach: digitization, leading to solutions around autonomous operations, enhancing flight autonomy with hydrogen propulsion.
Their infrastructure visual inspection AI analytics will enable to save 80% time, reduce cost 50%, bring 0 risks for workers, and develop accuracy +20%.
No.5 MobyFly
Learn more about MobyFly here
Click here to apply for a business meeting with MobyFly
MobyFly will be at the forefront of 21st century mass transportation, designing and delivering fast, efficient, zero-emission hydrofoil boats that will change waterborne travel forever.
Their boats are able to transport up to 300 passengers comfortably above the waves at speeds in excess of 70 km/h, requiring maximum 70% less energy than current diesel ferries.
Collonges, Switzerland
Learn more about FLYING WHALES here
Click here to apply for a business meeting with FLYING WHALES
FLYING WHALES develops a pioneering air freight solution, LCA60T, for abnormal loads up to 60 metric tons to load and unload in hover.
They address five main market segments, forestry, renewable energy, construction and development, industrial abnormal loads and humanitarian aid and disaster relief, and work towards low-emission transport.
Paris, France
No.7 Sharper Shape Inc.
Learn more about Sharper Shape Inc. here
Click here to apply for a business meeting with Sharper Shape Inc.
Sharper Shape provides an AI-driven, end-to-end, integrated technology suite that is used to create best-in-class data and context-rich digital twins for utility infrastructure.
They focuse on assisting utilities in addressing their primary risk factors and facilitating the transition to a risk-based proactive asset management system.
Delaware, USA
Learn more about INFINITE FOUNDRY here
Click here to apply for a business meeting with INFINITE FOUNDRY
INFINITE FOUNDRY is specialized in building 3D digital twin production environments for industry.
Their solution can be fully customized to improve production monitoring capacity and reduce production problems, optimize layout and operational efficiency, and enable workers to train virtually.
Sao Caetano do SUL, Brazil
No.9 Asilla, Inc.
Learn more about Asilla here
Click here to apply for a business meeting with Asilla
Asilla provides the AI security system "Asilla" for facilities in the security domain and possesses the world's top-class human behavior estimation technology.
A global startup with highly skilled IT personnel from seven countries.
No.10 NanoLock security
Learn more about NanoLock security here
Click here to apply for a business meeting with NanoLock security
NanoLock’s zero-trust, device-level protection safeguards the operational integrity of connected devices and industrial machines to secure revenue streams and support business continuity.They prevent unauthorized tampering of critical code and data, before it becomes operational, regardless if it is a cyber event or a human errors. Hod Hasharon, Israel
Learn more about BYSTAMP here
Click here to apply for a business meeting with BYSTAMP
BYSTAMP has developed KEYMO the first fully autonomous digital stamp that contains its owner’s digital identification.
Thanks to an embedded decentralized signature solution, users can operate an "on-the-fly" signature confirmed by PIN code in any PDF document.
KEYMO has secured 2 international patents and also awarded at CES 2020.
Vannes, France
No.12 Falkonry Inc.
Learn more about Falkonry Inc. here
Click here to apply for a business meeting with Falkonry Inc.
Falkonry reveals fact-based insights for manufacturing and defense organizations through their unique unsupervised AI. Terabytes of sensor data can be reviewed in real-time with this AI and it reviews 100% of the data in connected data streams from multiple sources and reveals excursions and faults to create significant operational improvements in reliability, quality and efficiency. Cupertino, California, USA
No.13 Innoviz Technologies
Learn more about Innoviz Technologies here
Click here to apply for a business meeting with Innoviz Technologies
Innoviz was set up to solve the issue of enabling safe and efficient autonomous driving, by creating the best 3D LiDAR for use by vehicle manufacturers.
They also aim at supplying thier LiDAR to shuttles and robotaxis, as well as non-automotive segments such as construction, security, Smart City (including V2X) and others.
Rosh Haayin, Israel
No.14 Materna IPS GmbH
Learn more about Materna IPS GmbH here
Click here to apply for a business meeting with Materna IPS GmbH
Materna IPS provides automization of passenger processing through the implementation of biometrics to reduce touch points and make it safer in times of infection risks, faster and more efficient.
They also plan to have broader expansion within the Japanese market aside the aviation sector such as long distance buses, railways, sports and entertainment venues.
Dortmund, Germany
No.15 Verily Vision
Learn more about Verily Vision here
Click here to apply for a business meeting with Verily Vision
Verily Vision is a Thai logistics total solution system integrator with the vision to drive logistics and supply chain transformation with innovation.
They provide the flagship solution utilizing automatic CCTV recognition to verify cargo container number and truck license plate data integrating with management system for logistics operator (port, warehouse and factory).
Amphue Mueang Samutprakan,Thailand