Hack Award 2023

The “Hack Award” is a global business plan contest where entrepreneurs will give a talk and showcase their ideas and business models. In this coming year, we will be focusing mainly on "Future Society (abundant, secure and sustainable society)," focusing on the fields of "CleanTech", "FinTech" and "SportsTech". Domestic and international startup will be presenting.


February 21st, 2023 (Tuesday) 3:35 PM – 5:25 PM(JST)(TBC)

・The event is held as a part of the Global Innovation Conference, Hack Osaka 2023. The schedule is subject to change depending on the progress of the conference.

・We will invite all the presenting startups to the business meetings where we provide matching services between Japanese and foreign startups and major corporations in Osaka/Kansai region.

Details on dates and how to participate will be announced shortly.


Knowledge Capital Congrès Convention Center (B2F, North Building, Grand Front Osaka)

*More details will be announced when available.

Theme and Target Fields

Future Society (abundant, secure and sustainable society)
With a main focus on "CleanTech", "FinTech" and "SportsTech"

Technology that contributes to the development of a sustainable society. Reduction of CO2 and greenhouse gas emissions, and improvement of efficiency
→Energy saving, new energy, storage batteries/batteries, hydrogen, asset management, architectural design, new agricultural methods, new materials, etc.

Technologies and solutions that can contribute to the realization of “Global Financial City OSAKA"
→Metaverse, blockchain, IoT, AI (artificial intelligence), API (application programming interface), financial services (remittance, settlement, insurance, etc.), carbon credits and other climate change-related services, etc.

New technologies and services to realize "watching," "supporting," "playing," and "creating" sports and entertainment pursued by a future society with new lifestyles.
→Metaverse, sports spectating, training, wearables, IoT, AI (artificial intelligence), AR, VR, etc.

*Startups must be willing to enter the global market.
*Startups must have a product, service, or beta version of a product or service that can be tested in a demonstration experiment.
*Startups must have business models that contribute to open innovation originating in Osaka, Kansai, such as collaboration with large companies.

●Kansai Association of Corporate Executives site:(The Declaration of Startup Friendly Kansai)
●Kansai Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry site:(Invest Japan, Invest Kansai)
●SPORTS HUB KANSAI(Osaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry)


1.Invitation to the Hack Award local venue (Hack Osaka Executive Committee will cover part of the expenses for the visit to Japan)
*In principle, we expect to issue an invitation letter for one person per company.

2.Facilitation for face-to-face meet-ups with Japanese companies (interpreters will be arranged) *Only for startups participating in the Hack Award

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