Hack Award 2023

The “Hack Award” is a global business plan contest where entrepreneurs will give a talk and showcase their ideas and business models. In this coming year, we will be focusing mainly on "Future Society (abundant, secure and sustainable society)," focusing on the fields of "CleanTech", "FinTech" and "SportsTech". Domestic and international startup will be presenting.


February 21st, 2023 (Tuesday)
First Half 4:10PM
Second Harf 5:30PM
Ceremony 6:20PM(JST)(TBC)

・The event is held as a part of the Global Innovation Conference, Hack Osaka 2023. The schedule is subject to change depending on the progress of the conference.

・We will invite all the presenting startups to the business meetings where we provide matching services between Japanese and foreign startups and major corporations in Osaka/Kansai region.

Details on dates and how to participate will be announced shortly.


Knowledge Capital Congrès Convention Center (B2F, North Building, Grand Front Osaka)

*More details will be announced when available.

Theme and Target Fields

Future Society (abundant, secure and sustainable society)
With a main focus on "CleanTech", "FinTech" and "SportsTech"

Technology that contributes to the development of a sustainable society. Reduction of CO2 and greenhouse gas emissions, and improvement of efficiency
→Energy saving, new energy, storage batteries/batteries, hydrogen, asset management, architectural design, new agricultural methods, new materials, etc.

Technologies and solutions that can contribute to the realization of “Global Financial City OSAKA"
→Metaverse, blockchain, IoT, AI (artificial intelligence), API (application programming interface), financial services (remittance, settlement, insurance, etc.), carbon credits and other climate change-related services, etc.

New technologies and services to realize "watching," "supporting," "playing," and "creating" sports and entertainment pursued by a future society with new lifestyles.
→Metaverse, sports spectating, training, wearables, IoT, AI (artificial intelligence), AR, VR, etc.

*Startups must be willing to enter the global market.
*Startups must have a product, service, or beta version of a product or service that can be tested in a demonstration experiment.
*Startups must have business models that contribute to open innovation originating in Osaka, Kansai, such as collaboration with large companies.

●Kansai Association of Corporate Executives site:(The Declaration of Startup Friendly Kansai)
●Kansai Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry site:(Invest Japan, Invest Kansai)
●SPORTS HUB KANSAI(Osaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry)


1.Invitation to the Hack Award local venue (Hack Osaka Executive Committee will cover part of the expenses for the visit to Japan)
*In principle, we expect to issue an invitation letter for one person per company.

2.Facilitation for face-to-face meet-ups with Japanese companies (interpreters will be arranged) *Only for startups participating in the Hack Award

Click here for the application guidelines

Click the button below to apply as a presenting startup.

The startups that will be participating in the Hack Award 2023

社名 参加者氏名 役職 事業内容 カテゴリー 地域 ウェブサイト 参加意思表明 面談希望先
No.1 Bibit.id
Learn more about Bibit.id here
Developed digital solutions with robo-advisory services to assist first-time investors. Also develops content to educate and increase literacy about investing. Indonesia
No.2 Bramble Energy Ltd.
Clean tech
Learn more about Bramble Energy Ltd. here
Provides a cost-effective, flexible form-factor and scalable solution to combat the major challenges facing the manufacture of hydrogen fuel cell solutions and other electrochemical devices. United Kingdom
No.3 Chia Network Inc.
Learn more about Chia Network Inc. here
Developing the basic architecture for a secure, sustainable, and regulatory compliant international carbon market, leveraging blockchain. Promoting climate change action by increasing the transparency and environmental integrity of carbon credit trading and international carbon markets. U.S.A.
No.4 Descartes Underwriting
Learn more about Descartes Underwriting here
Developing parametric insurance to address natural catastrophe, weather and emerging risks, such as earthquakes, typhoons, floods, climate change, affecting businesses and government agencies. Applying new technologies and AI, such as image recognition and machine learning, in combination with new generation data sources such as satellite technology and IoT devices. France
No.5 Hylium Industries Inc.
Clean tech
Learn more about Hylium Industries Inc. here
As a technology company dedicated to liquid hydrogen production and its applications, we are delivering mobility hydrogen solutions like Liquid hydrogen drone with flight endurance of more than 5 hours and mHRS. (Mobile Hydrogen Refueling Station) Korea
Sports tech
Learn more about ICAROS GmbH here
Developed a solution to achieve health and wellness while maintaining high motivation.By combining fitness equipment with VR headsets, mobile devices, and sensors, we provide a gamified exercise and rehabilitation experience. Germany
Sports tech
Learn more about JOOKS here
JOOKS is a smartphone app that allows you to discover more than 300 cities around the world while running, walking, cycling or wheel chairing. JOOKS vocally guides you through the city and comments on the remarkable points you pass along the way. Available in 8 languages. France
Clean tech
Learn more about NEOLITHE here
Néolithe develops a solution to upcycle non-inert & non-hazardous waste into mineral aggregates for use in the construction industry (concrete, roads). Néolithe works with non-recyclable mixed waste, which means that large volumes of waste can be treated and reused in an ecological way. One ton of aggregates allows to capture 330 kg of CO2, meaning that the aggregate acts as carbon sink. France
No.9 Seevix Material Sciences Ltd.
Clean tech
Learn more about Seevix Material Sciences Ltd. here
Develops and provides high-performance biopolymers with the strength and elasticity of natural spider silk using proprietary technology. Providing solutions for industrial fields such as cosmetics, textiles, sports, medical devices, 3D cell culture, and cultured meat. Israel

Meetups will be held with international startups who will be speaking at the awards.
For more information, please click here.

Past events & past recipients


  • Brian Lim

    Rainmaking Asia Pacific /
    Head of Rainmaking Expand

    Brian is the APAC Head of Startup Programmes at Rainmaking – one of the world’s leading corporate innovation and venture-building firms with 12 offices around the world including Singapore, London, Copenhagen and Dubai. He oversees the market expansion and corporate accelerator programmes across the region by working extensively with scaleups, industry leading corporations and government agencies to drive new commercial opportunities and search for new sources of growth. He is inspired by visionary founders who build and create transformative businesses, and to deliver meaningful impact to their growth story.

    Brian started his Rainmaking journey spearheading the Malaysian operations, where one of his key projects was the analysis and synthesizing of datasets from over 9,000 technology startups across the globe and codifying this into the Rainmaking custom built analytics framework designed to inform key decision makers on sustainable partnership and investment opportunities. His sector specialisation includes electric mobility, aviation, telecommunications, construction and a passion for sports tech.

    Prior to Rainmaking, Brian was the Head of Growth and Operations at FastJobs, an online recruitment platform that simplifies the hiring process via a jobs portal and app connecting employers and employees for the agile workforce.
  • Jingqian Ma

    Plug and Play Japan /
    Head of Ventures, Principal

    After graduating from university, Jingqian Ma joined EY and engaged in consulting services related to transfer pricing, global expansion, and M&A.

    He then worked at Morgan Stanley MUFG Securities and SBI Investment, where he oversaw investing in fintech, AI, and SaaS companies.

    As a lead investor, he served on the board of several portfolio companies and provided hands-on support to lead them to exit. In 2021, he joined Plug and Play Ventures as the Head of Ventures, overseeing all investment activities in Japan.