Hack Award 2019

Building upon the past line-up of “Digital Health”, “Travel Tech”, and “Smart City”, this year we are adding “Sports Tech” and “Food Tech” to the themes covered in our entrepreneurial idea & business model competition, the Business Plan Contest. Participating companies should be in their seed or early stage, and operate IT-related businesses dealing with products or services in any of the fields including the Internet of Things, the Internet, mobile technologies, software, digital content, or consumer electronics (including PDA and robots).


March 13th (Wed.), 2019, 3:30pm-5:00pm *This contest will be held as part of “Global Innovation Conference”, and the schedule may be subject to change depending on the situation.


Digital health, travel tech, smart city, sports tech, and food tech

Target Fields

IT-related businesses dealing with products or services in the fields including Internet of Things, the Internet, mobile technologies, software, digital content, or consumer electronics (including PDA and robots),

Target Products / Services

Any product or service that can be demonstrated on-site

Target Companies

Companies in their seed or early stage from Japan or abroad


Based on the application form, submit a presentation with no more than 10 slides created with Keynote Ver5 or Microsoft PowerPoint before the application deadline. The dimensions of the slides should be in a 16:9 ratio.
Please feel free to attach additional digital reference materials or videos that may assist in describing the product or service, however we will not accept physical objects submitted by post.
(Please note that we will not be returning any materials we receive in the process)

Application Deadline and Notification Date

October 31st (Wed.), 2018, 5:00pm (JST)
We will inform those who have passed the first screening through e-mail by 5:00pm (JST) on Friday, November 16th, 2018.

Evaluation Guideline

10 companies will be selected among all applicants through the first screening on the basis of (1) Originality, (2) Feasibility, (3) Scale of Influence, and (4) Scalability.
We will only notify companies that have passed the screening and are invited to the Award event on 13th. Please be advised that the screening results will not be publicized.
On the event day, five judges, including innovators and accelerators, will assess companies on a 10-point scale live. The top three scoring companies will be awarded.

Presentation Format
  • English only for both speech and materials
  • Up to ten total presentations by respective companies. Only one representative shall be appointed by each company to present on stage (e.g. business owner or manager)
  • Up to five minutes of presentation per company (we will inform presenters of presentation environment later after presenters have been decideddetermined)
  • Up to three minutes of Q&A by judges per company.
The only IoT indoor location solution using battery-less tags.
NirogStreet India
India's largest database of curated and certified Ayurveda practitioners
Predict Vision Brazil
AI Cloud platform to support Medical Imaging Diagnosis for Oncology, Ophthalmology, Neurology and Dermatology.
Pokeguide HongKong
a leading navigation app for tourists travelling any places in the world
NIRAMAI Health Analytix Private Limited India
a software to detect breast cancer with examinationradiation-free, non-touch, not painful and works for women of all ages
Acumen Research Laboratories Singapore
a prototype manual assay test kit as an early “red-flag” indicator of sepsis
Simgo Mobile Israel
virtual cloud SIM platform
a system that can detect and monitor micro-organisms in real-time and contaminated water to maintain completely germ-free condition
blincam.Inc Japan
hands free wearable camera with shooting with strong wink or blink
No new folk studio Inc. Japan
the world’s first Smart Shoes Platform
which analyzes various kinetic data from your feet such as walking, running, kicking, jumping and dancing

Mr. Allen Miner (Chairman & CEO of SunBridge)

Mr. Oscar Kneppers (Founder of Rockstart)

Ms. Christina Teo (Chief Builder, she1K and WantThingsDone)

Mr. Christopher Kommatas (Head of Innovation & Strategic Partnerships, The Health Round Table Co-founder, Melbourne Health Accelerator)

The past contestants
Award 2018


Dot watch (Eric Ju Yoon Kim / South Korea)

the world’s very first, mass-producible,micro-braille actuator


Eye control (Tania Suares / Israel)

A new wearable and affordable solution for "locked-in" patients


Remo (Haruumi Shiode / Japan)

Let "Remo" take control of your air conditioner and save energy with convenience and comfort

Carbyne (Iris Hermon / Israel)

multi-national emergency communication platform for public safety


  • BLOODHERO (Joselito Barquez / Philippines)
  • Oui reward (Ugo Weyl / France)
  • Yiyuan (Dr. Zhili Wu / China)
  • Travelio (Christie Amanda / Indonesia)
  • BackTech (Kimiko Motoyama / Japan)
  • protectiq (Sergey Shayakhmetov / Russia/UAE)
Award 2017


Docquity (Indrranil Roychowdhury / Singapore)

Asia's fastest growing network for medical professional


Holiday-Sitters (Ela Slutski / Holland)

top-quality, fully-vetted babysiters who speaks your language that is as easy and reliable to book as a hotel room or restaurant reservation


MARUI Plugin (Max Krichenbauer / Japan/Osaka)

a plug-In for Autodesk Maya that allows you to do your modeling and animation work in VR


Award 2016


Pawnhero (David Margendorff / Philippine)

an online pawnshop where anyone can submit a pawn request anytime, anywhere


podaris (Nathan Koren / UK/London)

a powerful tools for proposal development and feasibility studiesthat let you create transport plans


shipwise (Alexander Malov / Spain)

The faster, easiest way to book & manage your international freight shipments


Award 2015


mclinica (Farouk Meralli / Philipine)

digital networks of pharmacies all over Asia


BLAZE(Blaze is now Beryl.) (Emily Brooke / UK/London)

Lazer light to make cycling safer


Up Performa (Shuhei Yamada / Japan/Osaka)

wearable device of player tracking system


  • Smart Checkups (Didier Vermeiren / Germany/Berlin)
  • Cashboard (Robert Henker / Germany/Berlin)
  • M SQUARE LLC (Miwa Jojo / Japan/Kobe)
  • Cofame (Kanji Noguchi / Japan/Osaka)
  • INGAGE Inc. (Tetsuya Wada / Japan/Osaka)
  • DigitAddress (Wang Wei / Japan/Osaka)
  • Stamp (Opie Lopansri / Thailand/Bangkok)
Award 2014


Waygo Inc. (Ryan Rogowski / USA/California)

point and translate, no internet required


TransferGo Ltd. (Dvilinskas Daumantas / UK/London)

Transfer service to send money completely FREE with real exchange rate and no transfer fees


StudyPact Ltd. (Tobias Hoenisch / Japan/Tokyo)

Crowd funded motivation platform for self studying