About Hack Osaka

Hack Osaka, the largest international innovation conference in the Kansai region, will provide an opportunity for all participants interested in innovation to interact with players in the startup ecosystem; including entrepreneurs, investors, corporations, students, and local governments from around the world.

  The event has been held annually since 2013, in cooperation with a wide range of stakeholders.

This event will contribute immensely to the enhancing the startup ecosystem in the Kansai region.

Osaka / Kansai, The City Of Innovation

Osaka/Kansai offers an excellent business environment, with international urban functions being developed in anticipation of the Osaka-Kansai Expo to be held in 2025.
In addition, Osaka/Kansai is home to a concentration of Japan's leading companies and is active in open innovation initiatives.
Please refer to the following external links for specific business environment and companies.

◎Business Environment in Kansai
The Kansai area, the second largest economy in Japan after the Tokyo metropolitan area, has many strengths, including "excellent access as a base location for Asia" and "strength in the life science field.

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Invest Japan

◎Kansai Venture Friendly Declaration
We are pleased to list companies and organizations that open their doors to start-ups and venture businesses, and actively respond to various consultations.

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Kansai Association of Corporate Executives Kansai Venture Friendly Declaration

◎Short movie (about Osaka's business environment)
Succeed together in Osaka and beyond.

※Kansai Region: A metropolitan area with a population of approximately 23 million and an area of 33,000㎢, centered on Osaka and including Kyoto, Kobe, and other large cities and surrounding areas, where large corporations, small and medium-sized manufacturing companies, and leading universities and research institutes are concentrated.


Global Innovation Conference Hack Osaka Executive Committee


Global Innovation Conference
Hack Osaka Executive Committee
(Urban Innovation Institute)

(Mon – Fri 9:30 – 17:30 ※Closed during national holidays and year-end/new year holidays)