Date February 20th Thursday 18:30-20:30
※Selection tound (13:00~) and After Party (20:30~)are only for invitators.
Venue Knowledge Theater
Organizer Osaka Innovation Hub(Osaka City)

Light weight class

Company Name Business Description Head Office
1 HoloAsh, Inc. AI friend for people with anxiety and stress. United States
2 IPPLUS Technology Co., Ltd A one-page IP RPA system with IPCV multimedia database to help startups Taiwan
3 funky jump Co., Ltd CRM for coworking space Japan(Miyagi)
4 WTF - Where's The Food A web application that works as a digital waiter letting you place an order India
5 Toii Inc. Makes travel more fun and easy with AR and Geo-location Games Taiwan
6 Mile Share Co., Ltd. Sharing points and mileage of airlines all over the world Japan(Hokkaido)
7 Root Inc. The world's first smart-farming system for smallholder farmers Japan(Kanagawa)

Middle weight class

Company Name Business Description Head Office
1 Quantum Operation Inc. wearable watch which can acquire blood glucose levels with a non-invasive light sensor Japan(Tokyo)
2 Que Q Thailand Virtual ticket platform with digital payment Thailand
3 HACARUS proprietary AI engine which was built using Sparse Modeling Japan(Kyoto)
4 MiCAN Technologies Co. Ltd. MPV and Mylc cells which solve the shortage of experimental cells for researches on malaria and other infectious diseases Japan(Kyoto)
5 EAGLYS, Inc. Creating Secure Computing systems Japan(Tokyo)
6 Nihon Agri, Inc. engaging in production, import, marketing, and plant variety management of high quality Japanese agricultural varieties Japan(Tokyo)

<Selection Round & Speed dating> Closed Sesstion No audience

Venue:Osaka Innovation Hub

12:30-13:00Start acceptance of contestants
13:00-16:00Selection Round & Speed dating
16:00-17:00Coffee break

<Final Battle> Live show with audience

Venue: Knowkedge Theater

18:00-18:30  Door open
18:30-20:30  Final Battle

<After Party> invitation only

Only 6 people who won the selection pitch can get in the ring!

Selection Pitch

It’s 3 minutes straight pitch following by 5 themes.
Pitch in English and no slideshows.
There will be 2 judges in an each room and no aoudience.

Selection Pitch


It’s 3 minutes straight pitch following by 5 themes below.
Round 1 – Theme: Team
Round 2 – Theme: Achievements
Round 3 – Theme: Business model & market
Round 4 – Theme: Financials & investment proposition
Round 5 – Theme: Freestyle

Q&A Session
(3 minutes)

Q&A session

Final Battle

It's a 1- on-1 pitch battle between two startups.There are 5 rounds, ending in a Q&A and a vote for the winner by our judges. First you get a quick intro (1min), and 5rounds (30sec) are: Team, Achievements, Business Model & Market, Financials & Proposition, and Freestyle

Final Battle


Introduction (1min)

Self introduction about your company.



This round covers the compilation of the startups (management) team, and highlights their various skills and experience. Think of including why this team is unique and will be successful, and what the team may lack.



In this round startups will outline what they have achieved to date (not what they will achieve!). This can include sales and/ or revenue, number of customers, and any partnerships or investments they have. Startups can also think of mentioning any awards that they have won.


Business model & market(30sec)

Startups can use this round to explain their businesses, the markets in which they find themselves, and their market strategy. In addition, noting competition, and how they are different including USP’s (Unique Selling Point) can help this.


Financials & Investment Proposition(30sec)

The fourth round covers the financial situation and the investment sought. What is the total investment sought and what does the startup needs beside money? What is the share amount offered/ sold to investors? How will the money be spent? Think also of including where the startup will be in three to five years.



This is the last round of the battle. Here startups are free to do what they want in a last effort to convince the champions (investors) why they should invest in them and their company. The startup needs to try to even convince it’s competitor why he or she should win! The startup needs to try to get to the core of its existence, why do they exist and what is their passion. A short product demonstration could be included here.


Q&A Session (8min)


By voting our judges

What they gained be participating?

The voice of

Check past events & winners!


We are currently recruiting participants for the Japan Regional Event to be held in Osaka in February 2020. The winner is entitled to attend the “World Final”, in June 2020 (the city/country for the World Final has not announced yet. In 2019 it was held in Berlin/Germany). !

The number of startups entry 20 companies for each class are recruited (one person from one company)
  • Started businesses in the past eight years
  • Having an innovative, scalable business idea or mode
  • Able to pitch in English
  • Entry Weight Classes Valuation (*1 GTIR headquarters comprehensively judge the class for each startups based on investment amount, net profit, growth rate, and so on)

    ■Under 500K €:Entry to light weight class
    ■Above 500K €: Entry to middle weight class

  • We will inform the screening results and the entry class to join in consideration of entry content and business description.
  • Valuation is different from the Japan’s standards

  • Application deadline January 13th Mon. 23:59
    Notification of the screening result We will inform the results by e-mail by January 20th (Mon.)in 2020, 18:00
    How to apply Click to apply
    Apply from here
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