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【Extended!】Until December 2, 6pm.we will be accepting online voting for the six startups that will pitch at the final.The startup with the most votes will be announced and awarded at the final!
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Public voting period ends
Wednesday December 2nd.

A Truly Impactful Global Pitch Event!

This is a startup pitch event hailing from the Netherlands. It began in 2012, and now - is held in over 100 countries around the world. The format of the pitch is a 1- on -1 pitch battle between 2 startups without slideshows,in a virtual boxing ring! This year, event will be held online. Osaka Innovation Hub will hold the “Japan Final” for the 5th time this year!







December 3rd Thu.



How To Watch

You can apply as an audience for free.
(Event will be in English)

Event Highlights

It's a 1- on-1 pitch battle between 2 startups. There are 5 rounds, ending in a Q&A and a vote for the winner by our judges.

First, you get a quick intro (1min), and 5rounds (30sec) are: Team, Achievements, Business Model & Market, Financials & Proposition, and Freestyle.

Enjoy the pitch battle!





Light Weight Class

Middle Weight Class

Heavy Weight Class


Apply to Pitch

Apply To Pitch

We are currently recruiting participants for the "Japan Final" to be held on online in December 3rd in 2020.

The winner is entitled to attend the “World Final,” in February 2021 in Montreal, Canada and provided with access to a variety of global connections as well as immense international exposure. This year it will be an online event, so you can participate from anywhere.

The application for GET IN THE RING 2020- AI edition - Contest has been closed.
Thank you for many applications.

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