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Osaka Innovation Hub (OIH) is the Osaka City government-backed startup community. We serve as your business concierge and gateway to our fast-growing startup/tech ecosystem to generate more innovations together.

Our focus is on international startups, media, investors and incubation/acceleration programs which want to venture into this vibrant city of entrepreneurship. Engaging with OIH will help you gain local trust and expand your network in and around Osaka, Japan.

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Osaka Lift-Off
- A "go-bag" for business -

11 Facts about OIH & Osaka


OIH organizes 250+ events, including 50+ pitch events per year.


OIH's network includes 300+ businesses and 700+ individuals.

$80M USD

Cumulative amount of funding raised by startups supported


GET IN THE RING is a startup pitch event hailing from the Netherlands. It began in 2012, and now - is held in over 100 countries around the world. The Osaka Innovation Hub has been hosting the "Japan Final."

Hack Osaka

Hack Osaka is the Annual Global Innovation Conference which various key players of the innovation ecosystem such as entrepreneurs, investors, well-established companies, students, and municipalities closely cooperate to generate continuous innovation.


As part of Osaka’s drive to become Asia’s foremost innovation hub, Global Innovation Forum Osaka will bring together exciting start-ups with cutting-edge technologies from around the world looking to spark new business opportunities.

Osaka Springboard
– Dive into Osaka’s Marketplace –

Osaka Springboard is an Osaka / Kansai market growth support program for overseas startups.


Osaka Landing Pad is a service helping international startups enter the Osaka's (Japanese) market in collaboration with Industry, Government and overseas support organizations.

KANSAI Startup Ecosystem

The Kansai Startup Ecosystem aims to revitalize the Kansai economy by communicating Kansai's attractiveness, potential, and future possibilities both domestically and globally, differentiating Kansai from other areas, and establishing a brand that enables the accumulation of various resources both domestically and globally.

Startup Visa

Startup Founder Visa is now available in Osaka.

Expo 2025

Expo 2025 in Osaka under the theme “Designing Future Society for Our Lives”.

OIH is more than just an
event venue.

We listen and connect you with our community.

What OIH Offers

Information Concierge

Whether you want to pitch at our events, write about Osaka’s startup scene, invest in innovative companies or start your business here, OIH can provide the necessary information and connect you with the right people and organizations.

For the latest news and media history, visit Press page.

Curious about our pitch events?
Watch this video to get a feel: GET IN THE RING - Highlight

with Partners

With our perfect location and established network, OIH collaborates with partners from around the world to help them spread their message through events and meetups as well as exchanging up-to-date information.

If you think we can be mutually beneficial, bringing synergy to both of our communities and networks, we would love to hear from you.

Find out more about why and how to partner with OIH.

What OIH Offers

Let us answer your questions

Who runs Osaka Innovation Hub?

OIH is a public project funded by Osaka City and operated by Osaka Business Development Agency.

Are there any cool startups in Osaka?

Oh, boy! You’ve gotta find out about these companies NOW. There are great startups in and around Osaka and the list keeps growing rapidly.

Why is Osaka becoming a startup hotspot?

For so many reasons! A historically entrepreneurial culture, great universities and prominent companies as talent pools, technical excellence in various industries such as manufacturing and pharma, rapidly increasing attention from investors, etc. Find out more in Why Osaka.

Does OIH partner with overseas organizations?

YES, absolutely. Visit FAQs for details. Osaka Start-Easy Guide will also be helpful for you to find other organizations in Osaka to partner with.

Does OIH offer any support for startups and entrepreneurs?

If you need support to apply for the Startup Visa or find a co-working space, visit FAQs for related information. For other inquiries, please contact us. We’ll do our best to help you out.


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Osaka Innovation Hub (OIH) | LinkedIn

Osaka Innovation Hub (OIH) is the Osaka City government-backed startup community. It is perfectly located in the heart of Osaka, the second largest metropolitan area of Japan with a long history of entrepreneurship. It also has a satellite office in Silicon Valley. As of 2019, the OIH network includes 200+ businesses and 700+ individuals.

Osaka Startup Ecosystem