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Why Osaka? What’s special about it?

Below is the short answer, and visit Osaka Startup Ecosystem if you want to get deeper.

There is one word that can tell you why.
Because Osaka is “OMOROI”.

“OMOROI” in Osakan Japanese

  • = Fun, Funny
  • = Unique, Original
  • = Challenging, Ridiculous
  • = Exciting, Energetic
  • = Eye-catching, Captivating
  • = Unpredictable with high potential

The concept of OMOROI is in everything everywhere in Osaka.



Osaka has always been the OMOROI hub of trades and entrepreneurs.
While Kyoto had emperors, and Tokyo had Samurai (warriors),Osaka was governed by a democratic organization of merchants.
No wonder the city environment was built perfectly for businesses.


We love making money, saving money and talking about money.
Entrepreneurship and a business mindset is ingrained in our culture.
The most valuable asset here, however, is a good sense of humor.
Work hard and laugh harder. That’s OMOROI life in Osaka.



Osaka has embraced immigrants from Asia throughout its history.
OMOROI outsiders started and grew their world-class businesses here.
Our direct, light-hearted communication style is far from standard in Japan.
It evolved out of the necessity to communicate effectively across cultures.


Manufacturing and Healthcare are two industrial headliners.
Fortune 500 companies as well as many universities and startups call Osaka home.
Each of them is a domain expert with cutting-edge technology.
Collaboration is active and frequent whenever an OMOROI project pops up.



Osaka is rising to be the most OMOROI city in the world.
Exciting milestones are lined up for years to come.
Olympic and Paralympic 2020, Umekita #2 Development completion 2024, and Expo 2025.
OIH and startups will fuel innovations into the ecosystem.

Umekita Development #2 to be completed in 2024.

  • ・Image by JV formed by developers for second zone of Umekita area
  • ・The Image provided is based on our current expectations as of May 2018 and is subject to uncertainties and changes.