-Japan Business, the easy way-

Why Osaka Is The Best Place
To Start Your Business In Japan

For many foreigners who would like to start a business in or with Japan, the situation is fairly difficult. It is known that the Japanese situation is complicated. Initiating contact or going into business in this country, especially with regard to big companies, the rules and procedures from the outside world do not apply to Japan, it is said. Entrepreneurs tend not to get the evaluation they deserve until they become successful. Furthermore, Japanese perfectionism eschews mistakes and bureaucracy is difficult. Living in the country is also expensive – so why should one start a business in Japan?

Osaka can help you and make things a little easier. Entrepreneurship has always been an important part of the history of Osaka. The generally open and direct views here are favorable to startups in the city. In comparison to cities such as Tokyo, Singapore, or Shanghai, the rents here are affordable and there is beneficial financial value. Of course, paying attention to detail is important in Osaka, as well – however, mistakes along the way are understood and accepted. Osakans are eager to work with enterprisers long-term to become global, innovative successes together.

The environment where you can be successful in Japanese business, getting a good and quick start – this is what Osaka can provide for entrepreneurs. In Osaka, you can start your Japanese business, the easy way.

What do others say about OSAKA?

“Osaka is emerging as a startup hotspot based on dynamic government support programs.”


“Osaka (…) has upped its game in recent years with new start-up investment funds, downtown university campuses, incubators and pitch events.”


“Osaka, the industrial capital of western Japan, is building a strong startup community of its own.“

―Tech in Asia

“It is a warm business community, where companies help each other to grow.”

―Max Krichenbauer, CEO of MARUI-Plugin

“Osaka offers lower rents and more accessible human resources and investment. There are many good reasons to do business here.”

―Genki Kanaya, CEO of Akippa

“Having OIH in the center means a great environment, given the abundant unique and energetic startups here, with many support systems and a healthy sense of competitiveness between the companies.”

―Tatsuo Ueyama, CEO of RaySol Technologies

OSAKA to 2025 and Beyond

Facts and figures about Osaka

  • ・Osaka is Japan’s second smallest prefecture with 43 municipalities, including Osaka City, and is home to approximately 8.8 million people.
  • ・Osaka Prefecture surpasses Hong Kong, Israel and Singapore in terms of economic scale. Osaka City’s GRP is roughly equivalent to that of New Zealand.
  • Kansai is one of the world’s leading major metropolitan areas with a GDP comparable to that of Netherlands.
  • ・In Osaka City alone, there are approximately 200,000 places of business hiring about 2.4 million professionals in total.
  • ・Osaka has been the world’s fastest-growing visitor destination since 2009 (Mastercard: Destination Cities Index 2017).
  • ・Osaka is the fourth most livable city in the world after Vienna, Melbourne and Sydney. (The Economist: Global Liveability Index 2019).

Osaka Startup Ecosystem Consortium

Osaka Startup Ecosystem Consortium

This consortium aims to develop the world’s most innovative startup ecosystems in the center of Osaka and Kansai region, leveraging the accumulated industrial clusters and academic excellence of the area.

A strong collaboration among Osaka Prefecture, Osaka City, economic organizations and the Osaka Business Development Agency provides a variety of support for entrepreneurs and creates an environment where startups of great impact will be continuously incubated and scaled into the global market.

The Osaka Startup Ecosystem Consortium is committed to forming the foundation upon which all the stakeholders in Osaka and Kansai unite and build the Startup City Osaka together.


Startup Ecosystem, International Division, Osaka Business Development Agency