02. Strengths and Opportunities
Supporting Startups with Our Accumulated Knowledge and Networks.

Osaka’s business environment in numbers

Rnaked#1 injapan for the YoY Growth of Raised Investments

University-Inclu-bated Startups and Excellent Entrepremeurship Education

Growning Entrepreneurial Split and Networks

Abundant Business collaboration Opportunities with Large Companies

Various Support from Exports

abundant Human Resources for Startups

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Strengths of Osaka: Osaka Growth Strategies

1.Clusters of Life Science Fields with Universities,Research Centers and Businesses

With the World Expo 2025 in sight, we expect to attract more people and companies from around the world and accelerate our efforts as the birthplace of innovations.

The Creation of New Platforms

Accelerate to Prepare Environment that can Quickly Commercialize the Research Results

・World-leading universities and research institutes in life science & healthcare

・Newly built Life Science platforms and demonstration experiment fields
Umekita Phase#2 (Umeda area), Osaka Kansai Expo 2025 (Yumeshima), Northern Osaka Health and Biomedical Innovation Town (Suita/Settsu), International Center for Future Medicine (Nakanoshima)

・Cooperation with local high-tech manufacturing companies that have agile culture and mindset

Areas with Rising Needs for Solutions

Significant Needs for Health and Medical Solutions

・Osaka is the fastest aging population out of the Top 3 Japanese metropolitan areas and the residents have shorter life expectancies compared to other prefectures in Japan.

・It is necessary to create a health and medical industry that includes foods and sports, as well as the field of healthcare.

・Contribute to the aging societies in Asia and the entire world to cater solutions for the future

2.Strengthen Relationships with the rest of Asia through Inbound Tourism

Osaka’s inbound tourism has grown significantly, and the market is expected to further expand through the Tokyo Olympics 2020, the World Expo 2025, and the IR that comes afterwards.

Creating of New Demands

Broadening the field from attracting tourists to promoting professional workforce training and growth in trade

・Aim for the market expansion in Asia with the growing inbound tourism

・Create new demands by expanding the variety of services such as a wellness tourism

Overseas Expansion of Osaka Companies

Providing an Active Support for Osaka Companies to Expanding Overseas

・Aim for the market expansion in Asia with the growing inbound tourism

・Promote an expansion of overseas sales channels for Osaka products and foods, along with the increasing trend of exports to Asia

・Develop and retain global talents and human resources as the “bridge” to connect the rest of Asia and Osaka

Building the Environment and Sharing Information

Becoming the World’s Easiest City to Do Business

・It is extremely important to attract foreign companies, human resources and investments in order to win the international city-to-city competition

・Creating the world’s top business environment that makes the transaction easy

・Developing effective communication in order to promote the excellent business environment of Osaka with the collaboration from the Japanese government and corporations