01. Osaka for Entrepreneurs
Osaka Lets Your Japan Adventure Start Easily

Message from
the Governor and
the Mayor of Osaka

December 2019

To globally bolster Osaka’s presence as one of the two major centers of Japan, our city strives to fulfill a role in propelling the country’s growth. Hence, we are committed to advance initiatives for startup support and innovation creation. The Umekita area is home to various activity-oriented facilities and exchange facilities; and it also exhibits renowned features such as entrepreneurship education coordinated by universities, overseas acceleration programs, and other innovative developments. These all complement Osaka as one of the top urban destinations in Japan that genuinely integrates global startups.

With the aim of converting Osaka into a world-class startup ecosystem, our resources and potential capabilities were effectively applied on this occasion. This resulted in the formation of the Osaka Startup Ecosystem Consortium, which was jointly established by government bodies, universities, and the business community. To implement a startup-friendly environment, All-of-Osaka is engaged to realize a more dynamic society by constructing a robust ecosystem.

Moreover, the Osaka-Kansai World Expo will be held in the year of 2025. The exposition under the theme “Designing Future Society for Our Lives” will also showcase the “People’s Living Lab” concept to a worldwide audience. To maximize the impacts of this prestigious occurrence, we will exert our best abilities to attract “People-Goods-Investments-Technologies” from around the world.

To attain the objective of becoming an “Unparalleled Global Startup City Osaka,” it is imperative to optimally utilize all available resources and opportunities; as well as generate new startups that contribute to ongoing growth by pioneering new innovations and technologies.

Here in Osaka, we earnestly look forward to welcoming the finest entrepreneurs from all over the globe.

H. Yoshimura – Governor of Osaka Prefecture
I. Matsui – Mayor of Osaka City

Heritage Everything necessary for business is here – and has always been.

Japan’s economic system started in Osaka. The metropolis has been home to many trading innovations, technology innovations, pioneering in robotics, food inventions such as instant noodles, carousel sushi, and more. Many of these breakthroughs stunned the world at EXPO 70, which is still seen as one of the most futuristic Expos of all time. The merchant community has always been at the heart of the city, driving the local development. A lot of the basic infrastructure of Osaka was built based on the needs of the people doing business. The harbor, and more recently Kansai airport, have always connected Osaka to the world, giving the city a global perspective from the beginning.

Vision “Designing Future Society for Our Lives”

With EXPO 2025 ahead, Osaka, as well as the greater Kansai area, is in a state of constant transformation. It is becoming a smart city with a strong focus on improving the QOL (quality of everyday life and life as a whole) for people, in such fields as mobility and digital government. Innovations are important for us to contribute to the achievement of the SDGs. In Japan, where the population is aging significantly, technologies, such as AgeTech, will play a key role in supporting longevity in health.-In line with the motto of EXPO 2025: “Designing Future Society for Our Lives,”a new “life design” is what Osaka is ultimately aiming for, with diversity and global communities being part of a better life.

Competence Innovative industries are here and waiting to cooperate

Osaka is based on a strong, well-designed, frequently updated infrastructure. No matter which particular industry, businesses need great connectivity such as reliable public transport, airports, roads and bridges, and of course co-working spaces, start-up entrepreneur visas and much more. OSAKA HAS IT ALL. Thanks to the world-class universities and research institutions present in and near the city, local industries flourish in high-tech fields such as robotics, machinery, medical technology, and pharmaceutics. Finally, what is special about the established large companies located in Osaka is that they assert that they are startup-friendly and welcome collaboration by sharing lists of companies for startups to directly contact them. Again, being open is the virtue here.

Culture Uncomplicated people with the ability to accept failures

Osaka has a special culture that was always “a little different” compared to other places in Japan. The distinctive characteristic of Osaka people is humor, and they always seem to have the right “punchline” at hand. They are friendly, open and direct (making mistakes is tolerated – if you do not repeat them) – and interactions with them are not bound to complicated rituals and hierarchies. Osaka’s inhabitants and businesspeople focus more on expertise in important discussions. Although laughter surely works as a lubricant in communication in Osaka, being on point, fast and precise is what they value the most.

Protagonists Numerous role models are here, and entrepreneurs are valued in this city

People who have started businesses in Osaka have always been well respected. These people, along with technology experts, visionary projects and the people at Osaka Innovation Hub and Osaka City, serve as protagonists of the Osaka story for foreign company founders. Learning from them means understanding how Osaka “ticks.”

Lifestyle Japan’s high quality of life with a passion for good food and value for money

A striking food and entertainment industry helps to gladden busy people during lunch and at night. The focus in Osaka is always on making things fast and easy while offering real value for money. Thus, dining out is cheap, rents are affordable, space for constructing new office facilities is available, and the health system is one of the best in the world. Forms of public transportation are always on time and so safe that young children are often seen commuting alone. Neighboring cities such as Kyoto, Kobe, and Nara offer nice, calm weekends away from the buzz of Osaka. Startup and tech-related events are plenty too!

Japan is the future
of the world.
Start in Osaka, now!

Osaka is home to many relevant futuristic industries, and can be your doorway to Japan; easy to access and more welcome to foreigners than almost any other Japanese city. For people desiring to start businesses in Japan and potentially expand further into East Asia, there is no better place to begin.

Especially from now to 2025, Osaka will be the center of problem solutions for the future of humanity, because, sooner or later, many countries will face similar challenges as most locations in the world are maturing as marketplaces and aging as societies too. The solutions created and proven effective here will extend far beyond the Japanese border and will make significant impacts on lives around the world.