05. Osaka Start-Easy Guide

You may know Osaka for its famous castle, cheap but delicious food such as Takoyaki, or tourist landmarks including Dotonbori or Universal Studios Japan. Less well known, however, is that in recent years startup growth in what was historically a business-oriented city has rocketed at incredible speed. This guide summarizes the startup communities and support programs backed by Osaka Prefecture and/or City. Startups that are considering expanding into Osaka or those future entrepreneurs who are thinking of founding their company here will benefit from this basic but invaluable info package. So – let’s delve in and explore the Osaka startup ecosystem!

5 Facts that You Should Know about Osaka as Startup City

Fact #1

The OIH Seed Acceleration Program alone has raised over $42 million (4.8 billion yen)in total, in three and a half years.

Fact #2

Large-scale global startup events such as Hack Osaka and GET IN THE RING are held annually

Fact #3

Startup Visas are available in Osaka City for international startup founders for up to one year

Fact #4

Osaka is Asia’s most livable city and ranked 4th globally according to The Economist

Fact #5

Expo 2025 spearheads Osaka’s efforts to become a Smart City; focused on mobility and digital government


Osaka Innovation Hub (OIH) is the Osaka City government-backed startup community; organizing over 250 events per year, where entrepreneurs, engineers, investors and other stakeholders meet and connect. As the English-speaking gateway to the local startup ecosystem, OIH shares the latest information on Facebook,Twitter and LinkedIn and also supports and co-hosts global events such as Hack Osaka and GET IN THE RING. Registering as a Player Member (startups or entrepreneurs) or a Partner Member (corporations, communities or government agencies) allows you to be part of the OIH network that comprises over 300 companies and 700 individuals and paves the way for opportunities to take to the stage at an OIH event or even co-host one together. You are welcome to contact OIH for inquiries.

Support for Startups (provided by member organizations of Osaka Startup Ecosystem Consortium)

Osaka Startup Ecosystem Consortium and its member organizations are supporting startups from all around the world in Osaka and the larger Kansai region. Please click the links below for details.


Startup Ecosystem, International Division, Osaka Business Development Agency